Furry Characters

Furry is a anime/manga concept
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Amy Rose

The self-proclaimed girlfriend to Sonic, Amy is a pink Hedgehog and the first female main character in the Sonic game series.


A genetically modified Cat-Woman with the DNA of a puma.


Henry Philip McCoy from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.

Black Panther

T'Challa is the Marvel Mangaverse of the Black Panther.


The 2nd of the 4 Saint Beasts that Yusuke and the gang encountered in Maze Castle. Kuwabara had to defeat him twice in order to past him, but in the end, Byakko was killed by his teammate Seiryu.


Super-fast female member of the ThunderCats


A character from the Sonic X anime.

Cream the Rabbit

Cream is a young rabbit who can fly by flapping her long ears. She is the daughter of Vanilla The Rabbit, and the friend of the Sonic Team!


Gearhound is a fictional character in Rave Master.


Grune is a traitorous Thundercat.


Cleric of Thundercats.


One of Grimoire Hearts' lower ranking members. Him, along with Yomazu, were one of the first of members of the guild to reach Tenrou Island.

Knuckles the Echidna

Knuckles is a powerful Echidna entrusted with guarding the Master Emerald. He can be a little gullible at times, which Eggman takes advantage of.


Lord of the ThunderCats


General of Thundercats.


Ruki Makino's Digimon Partner.

Rouge the Bat

Rouge the Bat is a character in the Sonic X anime series. She is a determined treasure hunter and sometimes government agent who plans to make the worlds gems/treasures hers.

Shadow the Hedgehog

A mysterious black hedgehog matching all of Sonic's skills and abilities.

Sonic the Hedgehog

Sonic is a very fast hedgehog who constantly saves the world from the evil plans of Dr Robotnik.

Suzu Takamura

Mysterious, cat-eared girl who appears suddenly and looks like Kaede. She is infatuated on her.


Tails constantly helps Sonic save the world from the evil Dr. Robotnik, and although he is young, he is a force to be reckoned with.


A character in BlazBlue franchise. Member of the Kaka tribe.


Greer Grant Nelson from the Marvel Mangaverse reality.


Tygra is a member of Thundercats who cat turn invisible.

Vanilla the Rabbit

Cream's mother, she debuted in Sonic Advance 2, she also appears in Sonic X.


Young Thundercats member.


Wilykit is young Thundercats member.

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