Furido's Four Men

Furido's Four Men is a anime/manga concept
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Furido's Four Men was a group that appeared on Naruto Shippuden. They are the main antagonists on the non-canon filler arc.


Furido's Four Men is a group that led by Sora's father, Kazuma. Kazuma then disguise as Furido, along with his teammates,  Fūka, Fuen, and Fudō. This group attend to invade Konoha but turned out to be a failure and finally all of the member killed by Konoha-nin.


This Team is a villain of Naruto Shippuden that appear on the non-canon filler of the Twelve Ninja Guardian Arc.

Characters Evolution

  • Furido

Furido is the leader of this group. He led all the members to dug up the dead bodies of the monks. He also led the members to destroy the Kohaku clan and annihilate all villagers on the clan, leaving no sign of living creatures. He also appear in disguise, which his true appearance is Kazuma, a father of Sora. He was later killed by his own former member.

  • Fūka

Fūka is one of Furido's Team member. She used an unusual power that can suck out of her enemy's chakra through a kiss. She also has the ability to change her body, where her element also change depend on which body she use. She was later killed by Naruto Uzumaki after he found out her abilities with Rasengan.

  • Fudō

Fudō is one of Furido's Team member. He is a strong and a brutal looking fighter who used an Earth Element. He also has a strong defense and also a strong offense. He was later then killed by Yamato when he and the other teammates came to invade Konoha.

  • Fuen

Fuen is on of Furido's Team member. She's appear to be the weakest member on the team. Although she had a high intelligent among all and also the strategist on the team. She was first using many traps on Sai, but later then she fought Sakura and using an illusion to her. After she seen Sakura faint on the ground, she stab her and find it was a clone and later killed by Sakura's brutally taijutsu.

Major Story Arc

Part 2

  • Twelve Ninja Guardian Arc

The team made their moves to dug up a dead bodies of the Fire Temple Monks which they're going to use for Konoha's invasion. The leader of the group, Furido was a man who's named Kazuma and took disguise himself into an entirely different person. They made their moves on an unknown field and trapped the Konoha's nin, Team Kakashi. Four of them later faced each of the Ninjas with Fuen is facing Sai, Yamato with Fudo, and Naruto with Fuka.
On Naruto's second battle, Sora was having a sense that Naruto in a grave danger and quickly move on to Naruto right away. Fuka, who is kissing Naruto was stopped by his Kyuubi Chakra. Furido who also arrived order the team to fall back. They were later seen attacking the Kohaku Clan and leaving no trace of life.
Much later, the team started to invade the Hidden Leaf. They are already brought the dead bodies along and revived them. Furido's three minions are killed by Konoha Ninjas and also with the leader, Furido himself.


  • All of the member has their names started with "Fu".
  • For some reason, Furido made an extension on "Hidan and Kakuzu Arc" when discussed about the two kings.
  • All of the members appear wearing a robe-like dress.
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