Fura is a anime/manga character in the Rave Master franchise
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Fura is a samurai and a bodyguard of Remmy in the Rave Master franchise.


Fura lives in Ray Barrier City of Lyrics Continent. He serves as bodyguard for Remmy and a partner to Solasido.


Fura, who is created by Hiro Mashima, has no current information on what inspires the author to create him. He first appears in Rave Master episode 27. His Japanese actor is Masuo Amada, and his English actor is Ping Wu.

Story Arcs

Tower of Din Arc

Fura makes his first appearance when Haru and his gang fall into his city. He attacks Haru because he thinks Haru is a demon (dub: monster). Fura's battle is stopped by Solasido. Suddenly, the barrier cracks, and demons start coming out. Fura and Solasido fight them, yet Musica and Haru easily defeats them. Solasido, who recognizes that Haru is the Rave Master, takes them to Remmy, the leader. Remmy explains the situation which involves the boss, Gale, who leads the demons. Haru declines Remmy's request which has Solasido and Fura surprised.

After Haru leaves, Fura assists his friends to search for Haru. When Musica realizes that Haru has left to meet his father, Fura and the others pursue Haru. Upon arriving at the Tower of Din, Fura notices Haru's display of strenght when he wipes an entire army of demons. After Shuda tells them to head inside the tower, Fura explains to Musica that he will give the Rave to them after the battle is finally over. Underground, Fura and the others arrive to Haru's rescue. After Remmy figures out that King is recreating another Over Drive, Haru, Fura, and the others rush to take out the Five Palace Guardians. Ltiangle activates Soul Palace. In Musica and Solasido's version of their cities, Ltiangle appears after Solasido takes out Ron Glace. Fura appears on the ground when Ltiangle drops him out of nowhere. It turns out that Fura has been defeated by Ltiangle.

After Musica defeats Ltiangle, Fura wakes and comments on how strong Musica is when he defeated Ltiangle by himself. When Haru requests Fura and the others to leave to treat Musica's wounds, Fura meets Clea Maltese, the guardian, outside of the tower. He watch Clea hug Remmy and relinquishes their duties to protect the Rave. Elie receives the Rave of Combat and goes off to help Haru.

After Haru and Gale defeat King, Fura asks Griffon and Plue why Haru buries his father in Ray Barrier soil. Griffon explains that Haru does not want to upset his sister with grief.

Powers and Abilities

He has two katanas and appears to be ambidextrous.


  • Single Thrust Attack (Dub)
Voiced by
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Masuo Amada
Paul St. Peter
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Name: Fura
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Rave Master #27
1st anime movie:
Aliases Fua
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