Remnant Knights, An Anime MMO Game Brought To Us By Funimation, Is Now Available To Play Online

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Bugs have big eyes, even when they aren't in an anime
Bugs have big eyes, even when they aren't in an anime

Outside of some quick bouts of MVC3 or MORTAL KOMBAT when I’m at Metal Mike’s place, I don’t get to game all-too-often these days. Cost is certainly a contributing factor, especially when we’re talking about MMOs and their continuing fees. As such, I can see more than a few appealing hooks dangling from REMNANT KNIGHTS, a new game coming from another end of the anime-inspired spectrum that SKULLGIRLS fighter (from AX2011) also falls under.

GameSamba and Funimation recently let us know that that its Beta has launched onto fully-staffed, 24/7 servers and people like you and me can play for the head-spinning price of free. “Free game” usually translates to “BEJEWELED” for me, but this looks like the eight-course online play-buffet, and I personally haven’t run into a deal like that for a game since WOLFENSTEIN: ENEMY TERRITORY in ’03.

Check out some pics of animated-yet-interactive action below...

The game's also got a story written by Jim Kreuger, an award-winning writer who happens to be an acquaintance of mine. I'd urge all you lunatics to check out his comic, FOOT SOLDIERS. Since he's writing the story, I know it’ll be legit, for sure.

Anyway, the game allows you to pick characters out of three circles - - magic-users, gunners or fighters - - and you level them up by accumulating precious XP throughout the bountiful PVP match-ups in the game. I could describe how such action plays out, but I've got a hunch it'd be best for you to see how said PVP battle spin in this demo video of the game...

I'll be doing an interview with one of the game's personnel next week to get a much sexier, in-depth scoop about the game. In the mean time, play the game here (you don't need to invest too much, you know) and let me know if you've got any burning questions in the talkback that you'd like me to relay.

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Good on FUNimation for going for a new market in a free MMORPG. You can't argue with that price. It looks as if it could be some fun. I just don't think I'd play it. That has nothing do to with the quality of the game or what they have planned. I just don't like downloading games onto my PC. If this was something I could play on my PS3. I would certainly play it. I really enjoyed that Uncharted 3 multiplayer beta.

I do have to say, I wish FUNi would work on releasing more One Piece movies before video games. The only movie they have released from the series is the eighth movie, One Piece: The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta. That might even make for a good review movie for you, Tom. That movie was an abbreviated version of the Alabasta Arc from the manga/anime.

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An MMORPG by FUNimation? This game need to be added on giantbomb!
Edit: Already created a page for it :3
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Too bad there isn't any Anime Vice staff at Whiskey Media. With the Giant Bomb and Tested guys gone this week. They could ply this game for TNT.

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I don't exactly say F2P game is a rarity these days, especially in the terms of MMOs. The game itself is decent at least, it is not "HOLY SHIT, this is GOOD" , the story is not that important considering that this is an MMO where in the end people would farm for "things"
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If the game does have a solid story. That could make it stand out from other F2P games.

It could be kind of cool if we got the Anime Vice community behind this game and schedule gaming matches for people to join in together. Sort of create a Anime Vice Clan.

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@FoxxFireArt: The story qualifies as an "okay" or "How Anime" . Well I am already in game here 
go find Retrias if anything
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