FUNimation's Parent Company Prepares to Put It On the Auction Block

Topic started by Boddington on Aug. 3, 2010. Last post by SilverGalford 4 years, 1 month ago.
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Isn't that a bit snobbish? 
Your argument seems to be that they shouldn't be supported for changing anything in any way at any time.
My problem with VIZ is that they censor and edit but offer no alternative to those edits. FUNimation does offer alternatives in an accurate manner.
It doesn't matter what is presented to the masses. Just as long as an accurate option is provided. If VIZ was providing the series they edit in an unedited, English form. I would support that, but they don't. That is what separates them from FUNimation. Options.
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@FoxxFireArt: I don't think its snobbish to want to preserve the originality of a show I like, not in the least. I'm not defending Viz, I'm defending the integrity of the genre as a whole. What of people who are strictly fans of dub anime but expect that the script be un altered?
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@hitsusatsu11:  It maybe hard to keep the original Japanese script from being changed, but FoxxFireArt is right. 
VIZ doesn't edit the anime, it's Disney who edits the anime. Blame them, not VIZ. 
Vitello/Phuuz/Lacey had altered Shin Chan in 1994 with all the name changes of the characters and censorship. Their English dub was cancelled, but the Spanish, Italian, Polish, German, French, Dutch, and Portuguese dubs continued on until 2003.  FUNi's version of Shin Chan was better than the UK version. If FUNi decides to do a subtitled version of Shin Chan, they'll might stick to the original script.
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@Jtaylor83: How is it hard to keep the original script? Just directly translate it instead of making up dialog, simple really. 
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@hitsusatsu11:  Translation by keeping the original script don't come cheap.
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well if FUNimation gets bankrupt it would be good but bad at the same time because they are the ones that make DBZ video games and it would suck...and if they get bankrupt that means that there is a chance DBZ games will not exist in the future.... and i love playing DBZ games...
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What the heck is this??? This company getting sold? I got really mad when Geneon Went out of business!!!
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 Saying that Disney has crap voice actors compared to anime  
disney has better actor voices . 

disney has better actor voices . 
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