FUNimation's Fall 2013 Simulcast List

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Hey everyone! Here is the FUNimation's simulst list.

Other Simulcast Lists

BlazBlue Alter Memory

  • Start Date: October 8 at 1PM Central Time
  • Streams every Tuesday at 1PM CT

In the year 2199, humanity eagerly awaits the dawn of a new century following a series of devastating magic wars. When the world’s most wanted man—Grim Reaper—makes a move to destroy society, a ragtag group of powerful fighters make it their mission to stop him.

Freezing Vibration

  • Start Date: October 7 at 2:30PM Central Time
  • Streams every Friday at 2:30 PM CT starting on October 11

The sizzling sci-fi adventure continues as teens Kazuya and Satellizer continue their studies at West Genetics, where they learn to combat the alien invaders known as Nova.

Tokyo Ravens

  • Start Date: October 8 at 12PM Central Time
  • Streams every Tuesday at12 PM CT

From the studio behind Aquarion EVOL comes a supernatural fantasy featuring otherworldly battles and forgotten promises. Tokyo Ravens is the story of an ordinary high school boy from a not-so-ordinary family. Hautora was born into an ancient clan of onmyouji known for their mastery of all things occult. Unfortunately, he didn’t inherit the magical ability to see spirit energy, so he was doomed to live a normal life. At least, that is, until a mysterious girl from Harutora’s past returns to alter the course of his future!

Unbreakable Machine Doll

  • Start Date: October 7 at 2PM Central Time
  • Streams every Monday at 2PM CT

In the mechanized city of Liverpool, a Japanese student and his beautiful female machine doll enter the most prestigious machinart academy in the world. There, magic and machines combine as students fight against each other using automatons and living dolls in the quest to become the world’s best puppeteer.


Post by takashichea (16,555 posts) See mini bio Level 25

Weird, FUNimation only has 4 titles on simulcast.


No wait, it's normal. I confused it with Crunchyroll for some odd reason. I'm brain dead.

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