FUNimation Snags Trigun, DBZ Kai Cast

Topic started by gia on Feb. 14, 2010. Last post by hitsusatsu11 5 years ago.
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 This Is Cool
Not even thirty minutes ago, FUNimation made a major announcement at Katsucon in Washington DC: FUNi has acquired the rights to Trigun, whose anime license was apparently in limbo-- I might have thought that it was part of FUNi's Geneon deal, but on the other hand, perhaps Geneon's license of it expired. As far as I can tell the last release of any Trigun anime was in 2003, when Geneon put out the Remix version, four years before Geneon's shuttering.
A new DVD release of the series is due out this fall.

Also announced at Katsucon was the English dub cast for Dragon Ball Z Kai, also known as Dragon Ball Kai, also known as "Dragon Ball Z without the filler bits." The new dub will feature Colleen Clinkenbeard as Gohan, Monica Rial as Bulma, Doc Morgan as the narrator, and Brina Palencia as Chiaotzu and Puar.

I just checked and confirmed: these are the only changes to the English dub cast-- everything else is exactly as it was in the original. Oh, and an official site for Kai has opened up. Good times!

So, who's excited for a new release of Trigun? It's especially a great idea since the Trigun movie is opening in Japan this April...    
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Glad to see FUNi getting Trigun now.  I haven't seen the show in ages.
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So I'm guessing this is to prepare for FUNi to get the Trigun movie too.
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Hmmm.... Considering how much I like Trigun, I'm not really that excited about it. Maybe its the fact that I already own the Geneon DVDs.  
You can buy the Geneon DVDs of Trigun now for real cheap. Much cheaper than what FUNimation will sell. 
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Bought the entire Trigun Remix line last year from Rightstuf so (for super cheap, too)....  It's nice that they're getting it out again, but I already have a very lovely set.
More looking forward to their re-release of FLCL, which I only own a boot of. 
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I really enjoyed Trigun when it was on TV. Now I have the chance to get it on DVD.
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To be honest, I'm definitely interested in getting Trigun on Blu-Ray. I've been upgrading my DVD collection to Blu-Ray, partly because of picture quality but also because Blu-Rays are smaller, and, to be honest, getting Trigun on Blu-Ray would certainly take up less space on my shelf than having all the DVDs does. Especially considering that it's not like I've got the boxed set or anything (like I do with my autographed Saber Marionette J boxed set).
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Hmm interesting, I have seen Trigun and it was OK! I think it could have been made better if Vash was cool and not silly cool, it's not on my list of 'must have now' and to be honest I think alot would agree thats why the license may have come into difficulties (don't hate me if you loved it!)
DBZ Kai.. I have yet to venture into this but it looks interesting, growing up with the dub instead of the sub I think I would have to wait for the dub again to watch it anyway, hope they make a good job of it and I might just have to get it, especially if they do BluRay as well (so you wouldnt need 10DVDs for one saga!).
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So when will Dragon Ball Kai be airing on Cartoon Network?
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ocean dub crew should do dbkai
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