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Topic started by gia on Dec. 19, 2008. Last post by Maka 6 years, 3 months ago.
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So, we've already been speculating about the upcoming 10 FUNimation licenses the company will be announcing from December 22 to January 1. But now we've got more to work with, spotted by Japanator: a bunch of hints that have surfaced on FUNi's website: little “postcards” with extremely ambiguous little notes on them.

So here's your spoiler warning: below are thumbnails of the hints. If you want to explore FUNi's website yourself to find them, kudos to you! Just be sure to come back here and share your speculations (mine will be in the comments as well, when I have a sec to think about them!). For those of you who want to take the shortcut, well, here they are, numbered for your pleasure:



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  1. Maybe Moyashimon?

  2. I'm pretty sure “itchy toes” is the key here-- Ichido? Ichigo? Hm...

  3. Ahh, this one I'm confident on...bless your soul, you eater of pies!

  4. Hey, Talia! Axis! Powers!...Not sure who Angie is but Eliand would probably be England, no? I also tried plugging Talia Angie Eliand into an anagrammer and noticed that “Taiga” (as in Toradora's lead) is one potential item here, but I think “Hey Talia” => Hetalia is more likely.

  5. Okay, this one I have absolutely no clue on, unless it's somehow related to X.

  6. Well, Ed may be a reference to Fullmetal Alchemist, but the rocket ship, monkey, and diapers? I can't help but wonder if it's a red herring for something else.

  7. This is another one I think I've got! Let's see, this person has a Van and dreads something...

  8. Monte Carlo may make you think gambling (Kaiji?), but on the other hand, there's both “monte” and “christy” in here, so I'm betting on former Geneon title Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Christo.

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The ones that some of us on the blogs have come up with are this:

1. Don't know.  I've seen Moyashimon, Coo ~ Our Guardian, and Mushi-Uta
2. Ikkitosen (though I guess Ichigo Marshmallow is possible.  That's a Geneon title isn't it?)
3. Soul Eater
4. Eve-Angie-Eli-And *cough* (I'll still believe it when I see that lol)
5. Last Ex-Ill (Last Exile), though X is a decent guess too I guess.
6. I've seen Dokkoida and Oh! Edo Rocket for this one.
7. Vandread
8. Count of Monte Christo
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You did alot better than me. Nothing came to mind when I read them. I'm not very good with these things.
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Come on Gia, I posted about these in your last Funi posting way before Japanator did. =b Anyway, Soul Eater, Evangelion, Vandread, & Gankutsuo are all sure things in my book.
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Nebs: Sorry, I missed it! So much goes on here, it's hard to keep tabs on it all! Next time, PM or e-mail me and I'll definitely snatch it right up and credit it to you. :)
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I think they're being too obvious with some of these, but I'm certain that they have hidden meanings. You gotta figure atleast 2 postcards have 2 clues each.

1. Mushi-Uta
2. Moyashimon
3. Soul Eater
4. Rebuild of Evangelion
5. School Days / X TV
6. Oh Edo Rocket!
7. Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei / School Rumble 3rd Semester
8. Seto no Hanayome

 I did some digging for #2 and I think it's Moyashimon. One of the bacteria in the series causes athletes foot, which causes itching.

For #7, Greg is really feeling dread about next semester and wants to avoid it at all costs. He's despairing over the next semester, essentially. I thought it'd be GadGuard, but that's just too obvious and not much of a surprise. I considered GunXSword, but that one didn't make much sense either. "Let's Do It" sounds like something Tenma would say, in all her positive peanut-sized brain.

Digging a bit into #8, I came to the conclusion of Seto no Hanayome. The silhouette eeriely resemble a picture of Seto Sun, the female lead in Hanayome, I saw recently. Monte Carlo in Monaco is well-known for having mermaid statues and monuments there. Heck, its the place where Disney's animated masterpiece The Little Mermaid took place. I think this might be one, with Gankutsuou/Hanayome, both ironically Gonzo series. The postcard itself looks like water, with the streamers being faux-waves.
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