FUNi Snatches Ikki Tousen, Officially Launches Video Site

Topic started by gia on Dec. 22, 2008. Last post by Death_Flame 6 years, 2 months ago.
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Ikki Tousen
Ikki Tousen
So, FUNimation's first “New Show A-Go-Go” title is Ikki Tousen, another former Geneon license. A great start, but of course we're all waiting for something new new-- maybe tomorrow?

And at the same time...we already linked you to FUNimation's new video site because we love you and we want you to have nice things (and it's pretty darn nice). But its official beta launch was today, so make sure you hit up the newly-added how-to page and the official press release.

Now, if you look at both you'll notice that one of the site's features is “Ability to share video.” I'm sure many of you joined me in hoping that this might mean DRM-free download-to-own videos, but alas, such is not the case-- for the time being it's really just an “e-mail link to a friend” feature. That said, I talked to a FUNi rep and she says they are working on having an “embed” feature. So when that happens (maybe by the official non-beta launch in spring of '09?), you can post full anime episodes to your blogs right here at the Vice. Which may not be quite as cool as DRM-free downloads, but it's still pretty darn spiffy.

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I pointed out on my end the technical specifications of the series episodes and the fact that the episodes can be ripped easily thanks to the Flash platform, but I'm more interested in the potential of Funimation being able to upsell DVDs this way.

Funimation might throw a fit for pointing it out, but its not like their DRM paid video service is better quality-wise.
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One thing I noticed in the license press release was the inclusion of digital rights. The English dub version of Ikki Tousen is already being distributed on Hulu and Joost through GONG. Although FUNimation has officially launched their new site and is likely focusing on posting new material there, they could force GONG to take down their content from Hulu (since that is a US-only site) if they wanted to be overly protective and litigious. I doubt they will, though.
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In this case, GONG would simply transfer digital rights over to Funimation for a fee if such a situation were to happen, but GONG is merely a broker for other companies to begin with since they got digital rights from Enoki Films while Funimation repurchased the whole suite of broadcast, DVD, and digital rights from the same company as a result of Geneon USA shutting down.

Anyone notice that the Geneon USA Ikkitousen site is still up?
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HSaabedra: Ah, that would work. Didn't really know how GONG operated - thanks.

By the way, WHOIS data indicates that Geneon's domain for the show ( is set to expire on April 22nd.
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I believe that you can embed anime episodes through Hulu as well, though I haven't tried it.
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What exactly is "New Show A-Go-Go?"
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