FUNi Schedules Another Virtual Panel

Topic started by gia on Dec. 11, 2009. Last post by JJOR64 5 years, 3 months ago.
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 Am I on the camera yet?
 Am I on the camera yet?
Remember a while ago when FUNimation held a virtual convention panel online, taking questions and answering them on a live video feed? Well, FUNiCon 2.0 has just been announced for next Thursday, December 17th, and this time they're upping the ante with guests.

Mike McFarland, the ADR director for Evangelion 1.11 and FMA: Brotherhood and J. Michael Tatum, who plays Lawrence in Spice and Wolf and is also the ADR Director for Rin ~Daughters of Mnemosyne~, will both be on hand to answer your questions.

Oh, right, you might want to know when, huh? Well, it'll be at 6:30pm CST, but they'll be taking the questions BEFORE the online panel, so you have to submit those questions via e-mail by 5pm CST on Wednesday. So, it won't be QUITE as interactive as last time, but they also won't have those awkward times between questions (and poor Rojas won't be scrambling to read through all of them as much as possible).

So, who's interested? Or are some of you guys still in school then? I figure it's late enough, but if it sounds like a lot of you want to know what happens but can't make it, I'll do my best to be there and report on it.
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$20 says they are going to make an "OVER 9000" joke.
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@JJOR64: Who would actually take that bet? Sheehan LIVES for that joke ;)
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@gia: Darn it, is was trying to get $20.  :(
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Oh hey, the last one was half cool. I'm looking forward to it, but hopefully they'll have cleaned up some of the technical issues.
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@John_Martone: Yeah, and I think it'll also go smoother with the questions being asked before the panel...though I wish they could take SOME live questions. I never come up with good ones until I'm more on the spot =P
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Maybe the will have some DBZ Kai news there.  That would make me happy.
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