FUNi Replaces Steamy Strike Witches Vids

Topic started by gia on Oct. 6, 2009. Last post by Lance_McCloud 5 years, 5 months ago.
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@gia said:
" @FoxxFireArt: I suppose the question begs to be asked: do subtle references to an intelligent work make the referencing work intelligent, too? (Actually, I'm curious-- what novel is this?) I just found the characters rather dull, personally...but that's true with virtually all shows that are heavily moe-focused for me. "
The name of the novel is escaping me at the moment. I'll have to look it up, and I'll get back to you on that. I borrowed it from my mother, a major WWII history geek. I've been doing a LOT of uploading on AnimeVice recently and my mind is a tad overloaded with information on One Piece.
I'm not trying to claim this is high art. I just found it entertaining, and more often that's good enough for me. I really find history fascinating so constantly seeing events that were linked to real events peaked my interest. What is shows is that they really studied the period and events and weaved it into the story.
I liked Erica Hartmann's character,though part of that might be the German part of my heritage speaking. He, he. I also thought Francesca is adorable. About the whole fetish aspect. I don't see it as perverted unless you actually find that kind of thing arousing.
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I'll just check the Doujin's soon
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Strike Witched is part of the plague that slowly have been killing anime for the last few years now. There is nothing intelligent about this show, its just creepy.  To have one or two of these series would be one thing but when its the only thing released, or at the least talked about, something is wrong. And every shows that doesn't focus on this has to have at the least one loli character in the cast. 
And its also likely that the DVD sales will be extremely low for the show. Its often an anime is super popular when its released and people watch the fansubs, but then when the DVDs are released not even the people that claimed the show was their most favorite anime will buy it on DVD, because they have already seen it and is now watching a new series that has become the best anime ever made for them. 
I'm exaggerating of course, but its more or less true. There are few good anime made nowadays, just a repeat of the same thing over and over, boring slice of life comedy series or filled with creepy loli characters or jokes. And the action series aren't much better either.
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