FUNi Replaces Steamy Strike Witches Vids

Topic started by gia on Oct. 6, 2009. Last post by Lance_McCloud 5 years, 5 months ago.
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 Oops! We kind of caught them with their pants down. Or, tops off...
 Oops! We kind of caught them with their pants down. Or, tops off...
Yesterday Nebs reported that FUNimation was streaming the uncensored version of Strike Witches-- and a matter of hours later, the videos had been replaced with the censored version. I decided to wait on posting about it until I heard word from FUNimation directly, which I just did. The official statement is:

"As our fans know we have always released the series we license in their original, uncut form, as their creators intended. However, due to the mature content contained within the series Strike Witches and the feedback we received from some of our fans following its streaming launch on, we have replaced the originally posted unedited episodes with their edited versions. Fans of the series will be able to purchase the uncut episodes when the series is released on DVD as well as any subsequent subscription or download-to-own digital platforms."

 So don't worry, lolifans: you will still get your naked magical flying loli witch girls anime. You'll just have to actually pay for it. But hey, they're worth it, right?
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It is as I had foretold.
I are smart. :D
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they want to sell it to you~
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@GodLen said:
I agree.  :(
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@omo: Kinda makes you wonder why they put the uncensored vids up in the first place, unless you're willing to go into conspiracy theories about attempts to drum up attention.
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LAME....I have to buy the dvds now
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@JJOR64 said:
" @GodLen said:
I agree.  :( "
I also agree.
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Really, I wondered why they weren't saving the uncensored version for the DVD. I can understand if they "accidentally" showed it online to hopefully create buzz for the DVD.
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@Niko: But then I'd have expected them to have their statement ready right  away ;)
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Their statement is just code for someone high-up in the company going "Holy sh*t, we have naked little girls in one of our videos?!  Get that off now!"
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Oh well. As long as i can still buy the uncensored version, then it's no big deal.  2010 can't come fast enough,  DTO here i come ! XD
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I was impressed with Funimation having such a forward stance with unedited content, sucks that it turned out to be a mistake. Oh well, I already have the import DVDs and all the figures I could ever want, so it's not a big deal to me.
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@GodLen said:
I know nothing about Strike Witches, but I ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ all edits. 
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I like the show. The characters are adorable, and there is some rather interesting information is you know your WWII history. There are little touches throughout the series that links to real world history.
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Folks, it's called a tease!
But the fact that they will be selling the DVD unedited is not changing my intent to buy the series next year
This just means that some of you guys were too slow (lol) 
On a personal note, Major, You we're my favorite Witch then and (Phew!) you are still my favorite now (especially after last night!)
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@FoxxFireArt: Yeah, Chuck Yeager fire bombed aliens reminiscent of 8 bit space invaders...
I'll be open in saying I've always disliked this series and thought it tasteless pandering to fetishes all over the spectrum with no real content or point.
That said, I think it's rather unfortunate that a simple age input/mature content warning on the episodes was not enough to keep the uncensored versions up. Another one to chalk up for stupidity combined with over-rampant needless censorship. (that, and think about it this way - If it's too obscene for the internet, where ISN'T it too obscene for?)
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The internet is for pr0n.
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The entire series does mimic a novel that is quite similar that tells the tale of what if aliens invaded and the world's nations band together in a WWII era.

The mini-bike in Charlotte's room is actually based on bikes that were given to paratroopers. Often times they would land wildly off course and need quick transportation to where they needed to be. Eric Hartmann lost his uniform hat after a night of heavy drinking before he was to be awarded a medal. He stole someone's hat. That mimics Erica losing her panties and stealing Francesca's.
The pilot Sakamoto is based on did lose sight in one eye. All the girls Strike Units are based off of the designs of each nations real fighter planes. What they did leave out in the episode about the night flying was one of the tricks to help eye sight. The British air force also uses carrots. They fed their pilots so much carrots is actually effected their skin pigment.
These are just a small handful of examples.
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@FoxxFireArt: I suppose the question begs to be asked: do subtle references to an intelligent work make the referencing work intelligent, too? (Actually, I'm curious-- what novel is this?)
I just found the characters rather dull, personally...but that's true with virtually all shows that are heavily moe-focused for me.
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