FUNi and Gaia, Sittin' in a Tree, S-T-R-E-A-M-I-N-G...

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Black Blood Brothers
Black Blood Brothers
FUNimation and Gaia Online have struck an agreement for about 200 episodes of anime to air on the popular forum-mmo-thingamajigger. The episodes are already online, and include the following series:

As far as I can tell only the first one or two eps are up for each series, and as far as I can tell you don't have to log in to a Gaia account to watch them, if that's a bonus to you. Gaia also features a chat room with each episode so you can chat along with the program.

We had worked with Gaia Online on promotions for Peach Girl, Mushi-Shi and School Rumble and were thrilled with the response from the Gaia users,” said Gen Fukunaga, president and CEO of FUNimation Entertainment. "Online communities like Gaia Online are reinventing the way that people experience entertainment. Now you can go to the movies with a friend living across the country!”

I do wish the anime companies would be a little bit more risky and venture to put newer series in these deals (even if it was just, say, Ouran High School Host Club instead of something super-new like Soul Eater), but I guess only time will tell!

Meanwhile, by the way, ANN has continued to add more anime via Joost and YouTube. Kinda makes you wonder if they're moving away from hosting their own videos and more into collecting the videos already online?

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Sweet deal :) O look its Jiro AKA Alucard rip-off/look-a-like j/k XD

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Devilly said:
"Sweet deal :) O look its Jiro AKA Alucard rip-off/look-a-like j/k XD


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Alucard...but less badass. ;)
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That's good for everyone on Gaia, can't stand the site personally but I like how Funimation is really reaching out and try to get people where they are.
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If I'm not mistaken there's more streaming videos from Funimation on Hulu and Youtube. ^_^ (though ANN appears to have some titles they might not)
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