Almost There! FUNimation's #2: Gungrave

Topic started by gia on Dec. 30, 2008. Last post by Fouad 5 years, 7 months ago.
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Yes, as expected, FUNimation's second-to-last license is Gungrave-- wait, what? No Soul Eater? What happened there? Maybe there's going to be some kind of separate surprise bonus announcement later? Or maybe it was all just a horrible, horrible tease? At least I'm still confident that Evangelion 1.0 is on the way-- after all, that hint (“...Eve? Angie, Eli, and..”) was talking about a New Years Eve party.

But let's not let any disappointment detract from poor Gungrave, the 2003 anime based on the game (which was created by Trigun's Yasuhiro Nightow and featured mech designs by Ah! My Goddess creator Kousuke Fujishima). It's another Geneon rescue-- in fact, FUNi is billing it as them distributing for Geneon, so they won't be making any changes from the version that's already been released --and is something of a sci-fi mafia western. A criminal named Brandon Heat is betrayed and killed by his companion Harry MacDowell, who is a rising star in the crime syndicate known as Millennion. A doctor specializing in the matter brings Brandon back to life, and he decides to destroy Harry and Millennion.

...But you know, I can't get over this clue thing. So let's take a look at those clues and see what we've had right and wrong, shall we?

  1. The “veggie guardian” for dad that was supposed to keep bugs off plants-- presumably Gad Guardian.

  2. Itchy Toes” was Ikki Tousen.

  3. Eating at Smith's Pie Shops and “Bless your Soul” was the hint that gave us Soul Eater, and I don't see anything else it currently fits...

  4. The aforementioned “...Eve? Angie, Eli, and...” (that “Hey Talia” bit at the beginning made several of us think the upcoming series Hetalia though).

  5. Party LAST night, your EX, I'LL...Last Exile.

  6. Ed(o), Rocket with three monkeys, OH! And...Oh! Edo Rocket.

  7. The new VAN and feelings of DREAD, Vandread.

  8. MONTE Carlo and CRISTY, Gankutsuou: Count of Monte Christo.

And that's all the hints we ever found, leaving Nabari no Ou, Gungrave and Slayers Revolution un-hinted at, unless I'm missing something about clue #3. I guess the desire to eat could be a reference to Lina and Gourry, and they do mention “summer visits” (Slayers Revolution was a summer '08 anime)...

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Gungrave as a great back story, it not just the betrayed but you also get the story were they come from. From there rise in the criminal syndicate all the way to the betrayed and crazy back to from the death moment.
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Here are my sentiments.

Let's see if any of them actually come true.
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I almost bought the gun grave video game. I decided not to though <----- random
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Thank You for the great article futurama episodes
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