Fumina Konoe

Fumina Konoe is a anime/manga character in the Shakugan no Shana franchise
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Mysterious girls that transfers to Yuji and Shana´s school at the beginning of the second season. Innocent and extremely rich, she has a creepy resemblance with Hecate from the Bel Masqué.

She appeared in the middle of the school year leaving everybody in shock, especially Yuji and Shana, who immediately noticed her almost identical resemblance with Hecate. Shana activated the Fuzetsu in an attempt to prove if she, in fact, was or not the real Hecate, but when they saw that she froze just like any other regular human would, Shana had no option but to believe that it was nothing more than a rare coincidence, still, she kept doubting inside her heart. Konoe behaved in a very clumsy and childish way, almost as if she hadn´t learnt anything trough her entire life, but this was supposedly explained because she came from a very wealthy family and had been treated like some kind of princess. She was always helped by her butler and they settled in a old big mansion that had been empty for years. Besides all the weird things around her she was a really nice little girl and showed no intentions to harm anybody. Shana tried more than ones to prove if she had any relationship with Hecate, but had no succeed. Konoe, from the very first minute, remained beside Yuji, and never separated from him, making Shana and Kazumi feel really jealous. After participating in the school festival and when Pheles appeared, the truth behind her was finally revealed. She was some kind of creation made by Hecate (faux vessel), using her immense power of existence, as a way to keep Yuji´s movement´s under her control, and by extension, the Reiji Maigo; also to collect memories of Konoe´s relationship with the human world, in another attempt to understand them and fill her empty heart. She was absorbed by Hecate in order to do so, and everybody, except from Shana and Yuji, forgot her for ever.

She only appear in the anime, doesn't appear in the light novel.

General Information Edit
Name: Fumina Konoe
Name: 近衛史菜
Romanji: Fumina Konoe
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Shakugan no Shana Second #3
1st anime movie:
Aliases vaux vessel
Powers & Battle Rankings Edit
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Attractive Female
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Insanely Rich
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