Fumie Fusono

Fumie Fusono is a anime/manga character
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Fumie is the childhood friend and teacher for Wataru in Milk Junkies.



Fumie is a beautiful woman in her mid to late 20's. She has black hair that she normally keeps tied, brown eyes, pale skin, and pink lips. In comparison to her sister who is curvy, but not extremely so, Fumie has a large and thick body complete with healthy curves and a voluptuous frame. Due to this Fumie has fat and enormous breasts and large maternal hips that contribute to Wataru's lust over her. Her aforementioned breasts have red nipples and one has a mole. In addition she is able to produce milk which Wataru often drinks from her during sexual encounters. At first Fumie dressed more modestly in comparison to her more provocative sister wearing her required teachers outfit which consisteed of a white top with a red tie and a skirt. however after she has sex with Wataru and breaks out of her shyness she embraces her obvious sex appeal whole heartedly, dressing up in sexual, fetish type outfits to excite and tease wataru, drawing attention to the characteristics of her body that she was once implied to be ashamed of. A notable outfit being in the last episode where she joins the big tits competition and wears a red thong and a small red bikini top that only covers her nipples that shows off her body.


Despite being the older and more voluptuous sister, Fumie is much more shy and introverted compared to her sister, rarely expressing her true feelings for Wataru and acting shy around her more open and playful sister. The crux of her character development occurs at the end of the OAV where she ultimately gives in to her feelings and sexual impulses and has sex with Wataru. This ultimately has a positive effect on her in the other specials as she becomes more open with her feelings as well as reveling in her sexuality more like her sister does. The most obvious indicator of this is during what they thought would be their last time together she allows Wataru to take a picture with her while her shirt is unbuttoned after engaging in a sex act, standing in stark contrast to her in the beginning of the series where she was uncomfortable being naked around even her sister.


Wataru: Her shyness makes Wataru start to act more distant towards her. At first Fumie takes this shyness badly, and ultimately when Wataru does express interest in her she at first resists his advances.However when she finally does give in she begins a relationship with him in earnest, often sharing him with her sister to his delight.

General Information Edit
Name: Fumie Fusono
Romanji: Fusono Fumie
Gender: Female
1st manga book:
1st anime episode: Boobalicious (OAV) #1
1st anime movie:
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Attractive Female
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