One Fan's Opinion: Which Fullmetal Alchemist anime was better?

Topic started by ethan on July 22, 2010. Last post by Tiferet 2 years, 6 months ago.
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to be honest this is a tough question
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I'm glad this topic was made. I do say the manga version was overall better however nothing sucked more than the manga ending. Brotherhood anime version seems good I wonder if it'll be closer to the manga or the first anime. Hopefully it'll take the best from both worlds.
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I am 99% sure Brotherhood's ending is exactly the same as the Manga's. 
Anyway, in my heart, I want to give this to Brotherhood, but looking back, I did like the first series, so I feel like I need to watch it again before I come to a conclusion.
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You reminded me about Hughes' death. 
Man, that hurt in the original series. Never seen much of Brotherhood, due to being one of those that left after episode..erm..2. I had too much invested in the original's still one of my favourites. 
edit: More to the point, I thought the original ending was more in line with the anime as a whole. Not everyone has a happy ending, and Ed had to take responsibility for what he had done at the start of the show.
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Excellent write up and I agree 100%.  For me, the first series was about the consequence of our actions.  Thought provoking, certainly, but also dreadfully depressing and ultimately unsatisfying.  By the end of the original series, with good reason since the story was incomplete at the time, I was just very frustrated by the loose ends left over.  In this regard, FMA: Brotherhood is lightyears ahead of the first show.  Just as the OT states "you'd have to have a heart of stone not to have a big grin on your face" by that final end credits shot of the Ed, Winry, Al & May.   Brotherhood was a much larger broader story than the original series and whenever I discuss the two, I usually recommend watching the first series before Brotherhood because of those 34 episodes that are distilled down to 12 in the second series.  There is so much that is left out that I would have felt somewhat disconnected from characters like Rose and Yoki had I not seen the details of their stories beforehand.  In essence, this means that Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood really runs 98 episodes and not 64 in my mind.
Still having said all this, I do believe there is something worthwhile in the first series' focus on accepting the consequences of our actions.  The brothers have their bodies torn apart for their misdeeds, but also have the homunculus born of their arrogance come back to cause them further suffering.  The same is true of their teacher, Izumi. The chimera creating alchemist, Shou Tucker, is driven mad by his decisions and is later still trying fruitlessly to correct the errors of his past.  Roy Mustang is confronted by his actions at Ishbala and pays the price for them by letting go of his aspirations.  There is a more tightly woven tapestry of cause and effect in the first series which is different than the second.  The principle of equivalent exchange is really a cornerstone for the story as a whole. 
One point not addressed by the OT is the music from both series.  Here is where I really think that the first Fullmetal Alchemist series surpasses FMA: Brotherhood.  I know it's just a matter of personal taste, but I liked the music from the original much more than that opened and closed the second series.
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FMA BROTHERHOOD of course!! It more closely resembles the manga as far as the storyline goes. And it is more straightforward taking away the strangeness from the people just starting to watch the series.
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the only character I needed to be more on  Brotherhood screen is LUST!!!!!!!! 
in 1st version of FMA Lust storyline was so deep and she lived up to the very end, and I guess it was totally made up once you watch Brotherhood you realise, 
then again, LUST is  THE HOMONCULUI symbol to me!!!
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I loved FMA the first one but was extremely mad at the ending :( i bailed my eyes out like a baby... its a tough one to chose from but i just found brotherhood to have such a better ending and was a tad more detailed in depth. I love how Winry got more air time.

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I vote FMA Brotherhood because it follow the manga and it had more funny scenes

But i do like the fact that they got a child voice actor to play Al

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This article said my feelings perfectly.

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This article, I agree. I like the 2003, but Brotherhood just had the epicness. I wish Lust would've lasted a lot longer, and I would've liked to see a Mustang-Bradley conflict, but I knew it was coming since I had read the manga, and Scar also had a personal beef with Bradley (Loved the Envy thing). My brother wishes Scar would've died like in the other, and likes the Mustang killing Winry's parents thing, but it's fine. I feel like everyone had a much higher level of epic in Brotherhood. And the way they built everything up and it just came to a head. And Kimblee, I liked him a lot better when he was calculating and brilliant.
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