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If this episode earns some XP over BROTHERHOOD for giving Ed a more realistic amount of space to grieve about Nina’s horrific death, it probably loses the same amount of XP for having Winry just basically shrug off a serial killer imprisoning her. In the morning, she’s being tortured and intimidated in a scary meat locker; but in the afternoon, it’s all about shopping, right?

(And there’s double humor XP for me when I step back and remember that she and Ed are having these cute dating moments when they’re still supposed to be 12-year-olds. Courting with no consummation!).

No bones about it - - this episode was pretty stupid. I don’t know which version’s more accurate to the manga, but BROTHERHOOD’s vision of Barry the Chopper as a somewhat goofy, homicidal “hollow” or whatever is vastly more interesting than this muted psycho who seems to be based on somebody’s impressions of Hannibal Lecter after watching a cut of SILENCE OF THE LAMBS that’s been edited for safe viewing on a flight. As boring as seeing an invincible hero beat all potential opponents would be, it’s really more aggravating to see a show cheat like this to build conflict and tension by having its hero job (yet again) to a bad guy he shouldn’t have any problem with.

No cold thoughts of terror were running through my head whilst watching Barry play his lame intimidation game with Ed here. Instead, I was thinking about how there might a classification separating professional bad guys from amateur ones, and then I was imagining this pathetic excuse of a heavy getting verbal put-downs from all the more credible threats that I’ve seen the Elrics face down elsewhere.

Worse yet, the Barry in BROTHERHOOD at least added something to the series' overall concepts by showing another haunted armor to mirror Al's. This one-off, yet again, has the smell of an animation company fillebustering to fill episodes whilst waiting for new manga chapters to draw from.

So, yeah… big boo for this one.

Watch this episode, "Night of the Chimera's Cry" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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Well I can assure that this isn't the last you are going to see from Barry.

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Oh don't worry, everything you remember from brotherhood before the whole lab five incident happens, just in different ways.

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Unlike Shonen series such as ONE PIECE or NARUTO that are published weekly. FMA was a monthly manga. With chapters coming out once a month and an anime release weekly. It was natural they would overtake the soured material in no time.

This episode was intending to explain the origin of Barry, which was never shown in the manga.
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