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Well, this actually had the funniest gag in the entire series - - maybe even the funniest gag between both of these shows. I'm talking about the part where Ed’s trying to flee out the window and Izumi’s hand just pops out like a jack-in-the-box to give him a wallop.

It’s a simple gag on the order of the slapstick you’d see in TOM & JERRY but, I don’t know, there was just something about the precise timing of it that made me chortle. And I supposed it’s appropriate that it would then be followed immediately by a lame chibi gag; if only to make it absolutely clear how much funnier it is than 90% of the gags in this series.

* AHEM *

Pregnancy seems to show up a fair amount in this show, and that’s doubly-notable given FMA’s persistent cooties phobia. Considering how there’s such a hoodoo about how alchemy can’t ever bring life back (a hoodoo that’s explicitly discussed in this very episode) my morbid imagination likes to infer that the rules still allow for alchemy to create life - - because there’s certainly no sex going on to make the babies in this world.

Is this observation a little too macabre, given how Izumi’s big, tragic taboo-breaker revolves around her exchanging internal organs for a lost child? Yeah… well… once the show uses her resultant blood-vomiting affliction as the subject of another bit of chibified comic relief, then all expectations of reverence are really off the table.

See, this is why BROTHERHOOD really ruins this show, no matter how far you get into its plot digressions. Minor details notwithstanding, I’ve still seen all of this basic drama before, so all there’s left for me is to make these mean little snipes. If I were watching it for the first time, I might comment on how heartbreaking the loss of the cat is, or how Izumi proves to be a very three-dimensional character... but I’m not, all you lunatics get is snark from me.

Watch this episode, "Her Reason" here and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.

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I started watching FMA first, dropped it because after a while, it never appealed to me. One of my friends / an incessant bugging in the back of my head got me to read the manga, then watch Brotherhood, which I declare to be the greatest thing ever, so I don't really blame you for snarking to be honest.

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i really like FMA but i can kinda see where your coming from..some of the things i don't like about the anime is how much they swear and also sometimes it is kinda gross, but i stuck with it until the end of the fist 50 episodes and then i haven't started watching brotherhood yet. should i?

But other then that stuff which is kinda minor i really enjoyed it! its storyline is so touching and i love how emotionally attached you get to all the different characters. i cried so much in this anime and i definitely would recommend it to anyone! :)

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