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please explain feats and how funny or how many episodes they are because im getting ready to watch it and i have never watched it before im counting on youll to tell me

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Sure but this belongs in the general discussion forums. Or the just anime section. But first let me tell you that there are two anime, closely related but different. One is based on the actual manga and the other ( the first one made) is a spinoff with similar incidents and most of the same characters but a different ending as well as some changed antagonists. Feat wise it's not on the level of the HST let alone Dragonball Z and the like, but it's good and very popular. The Homunculi are the main antagonists and generally the most powerful. But the protagonists are not without powerful characters and several of them possess hax abilities like transmuting matter including animate matter such as turning lead into gold or inanimate soil into monsters. Just a brief summary but it's well worth watching both of them.
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Depends wich version you are talking about? 2003 or Brotherhood/manga well their feats is Alchemy (Alchemy is science that explains life) and they have different types like Edward is able to transmute just by clapping but am not gonna spoil anything on why Edward is able to use Alchemy just by clapping, Roy mustang has Flame Alchemy just by snapping his fingers he can produce flame by mixing the air particles and with a spark, FLAMES come out!! Alphonse Elric (Brother of Edward) is able to use alchemy just like Edward (only in Brotherhood and te manga) also he has no human body but like I said am not going to spoil anything is better for you to read/watch FMA. Also the comedy is pretty good and has great plot and the villians are great same with the supporting characters... I recommend Watching Brotherhood because it relates to the manga and 2003 doesn't. Also if you gonna watch Brotherhood you should also read the manga (if you want) because there are stuff they don't include that's on the manga... but those are the only feats ama give you because I hate giving spoilers specially if it's gonna be your first time watching it. also FMA 2003 has 51 episodes and FMAB has 64 episodes.
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Brotherhood is a great show. It starts off pretty slow, but by episode 13 it really picks up. The first part is paced way too fast, but thats only so they could get past the parts that all the old fans from the 2003 FMA had already seen. After episode 13 it really becomes its own show. I would say that the chibi ruins some of the serious moments in the show, but in the later episodes its not a problem at all. Other than that the comedy is fine is about the same in both brotherhood and the 2003 FMA. However, Brotherhood excels at fight scenes and they really come up with creative ways to make use of alchemy and the situation. As far as endings go, the 2003 FMA has the more thought provoking ending by far; this is kinda ruined by the FMA movie though.Overall, as a person who has seen both series, I wold go with Brotherhood.

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Moved to the FMA boards since this isnt a battle.
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