Almost Otaku: Do You HAVE to Like the Main Character?

Topic started by No_name_here on July 14, 2010. Last post by YotaruVegeta 4 years, 5 months ago.
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no you dont have to like the main character to enjoy a series. but you are right when you say a show can be dull when all the protaganists are all nice altruistic guys. its also an area you could debate endlessly. take Evangelion for example: are Rei and Asuka really that interesting characters or do they just appear awesome when compared to Shinji.  
your point about the execution being the important thing is very valid to a show i just watched called gilgamesh. one of the main characters , the Countess, is such a cold hearted bitch when she is introduced and she is very unlikeable. but as the series progressed we learn about her past and we can understand why she behaves in this way and in the end so was one of the most human characters i have come across in a while. i generally dont get that interested in a show if the good guys are all really nice and good people and the villains are just pure evil just because they are and they have no motives. i like a show to have characters ,good and evil, to have layers to them.

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@SamJaz: I see said the blind man I've got the first 3 volumes but haven't got around to reading them yet.
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@Theresonlyone: So you haven't read the Gantz manga then. 
Kurono's character development starts AFTER the anime series ends, around book eight, and starts being a great guy around the eleventh volume. Considering that there's 27 so far, with enough for 28 and half of 29, I see Kurono the way Kato saw him- someone FIT to lead a group of people to survive.
But for the first 10 volumes, I totally agree that he was a prick. No question of it. Eleven onwards, he is awesomeness incarnate.

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Short answer: no. I know people- whether it's in anime, comics, or whatever- have this need for their leads to be either near perfect or being on their way to being so. People tend to want their action heroes to be powerful, and the weak or severly flawed people to show up elsewhere.
I like Shinji, for example, because he is closer to how a person his age would react to being the pilot of a GIANT KILLER ROBOT. To me the gung-ho, it's all easy pilot is fine, but at this point that is tired. 
I don't mind an anti-hero, villain or weakling as the lead.
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