Watch & Learn: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood #9

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 Don't be fooled by the puppy eyes. I'm sure here shop isn't approved by the better business bureau.
 Don't be fooled by the puppy eyes. I'm sure here shop isn't approved by the better business bureau.

Awwww… Ed wins some sympathy points in this episode. He’s being cagey about his guilt over accidentally mutilating Al... it was really an easy mistake to make, assuming he'd  just turned him into a big, soulless puppet. I suppose this is episode's also a landmark on Ed’s road to humility. He doesn’t flip out on his older subordinates' slapping and scolding him? He doesn’t threaten to turn them into stone? Why, little Ed's growing up.

Ha! I like how, even though this is in a fantasy world, Winry's acting like a real world mechanic  - - trying to spin a mistake she made into squeezing more money out of her client. I don’t buy Ed’s rationalization that losing that precious pin was actually a good thing in hindsight.   Maybe I’m putting too much faith in the kid, but I’m pretty sure he would’ve kicked both of the sins’ asses if he’d been playing with a full deck. The whole issue of them sparing him wouldn’t have been an issue at all, because they would’ve been laying in pieces at his feet after he turned them to stone.

I’m going to drop my first criticism on this show and say that the super-deformed slapstick is getting really tedious.  Every time I’m getting into the drama, somebody randomly turns into a squiggle or leaps in front of a speedline backdrop. I’m fine with comic relief - - I’m fine with a lot of comic relief - - but this is too much. A friend of mine who’s a longtime fan broke it down to me that a lot of shows have to dress serious concepts in more childish guises so as to get advertising and licensing deals, but still… Japanese idioms or no, this kind of stuff is really starting to ruin the tone.

Watch this episode “Created Feelings” for yourself below and read my comments on the previous episode here.


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Yeah, this is exactly why I prefer the original series. The timing issues (especially the slapstick stuff) aren't indicative of all anime....this is just an inexperienced or bad director. 
Bones likes bringing in new people to do stuff. I'm happy they have that policy. In this case, it was a bad judgement call. It seems he gets slightly better as things continue, but it's one helluva misstep in the first 13, when you really have to be careful about getting people to keep watching. 
And to that...Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood failed. Japan doesn't cancel TV shows mid-way through. However, if ratings don't happen, they just move you to a time-slot where you can't do any harm. That's what happened to this show. As good as Arakawa's story is, it needs a good director and team to bring it to life, and this guy never really sat well with me (not to mention the soulless background music his appointed composer crapped out). 
So stick with things through the first 15, but yeah, this is poor direction. Compare it with a show like Ouran, Soul Eater, or even TTGL, and it's night and day how much better they handle going between comedy and drama. 
I sincerely hope you have either already seen, or are planning on seeing the original's a vastly better composed and executed anime. Poor Arakawa. Brotherhood was to be the amazing show to end all shows...but 'twas never to be that sort of masterwork. 
The one shining spot of this show (especially this early on) is actually the dub. Funi's dub of the original was a landmark in its own right. This one gets the band back together for more.
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The thing is mediaright they were assuming people would have seen the first show and were assuming people would have been bored if they did it with the same pacing they did there.  I disagree with that decison and think the first 13 or so episodes should have been about the same as the first 13 in the original show, maybe the first twenty... it gets better because it gets back to the pace of the manga.. the pace here is massivley speeded up.  Believe me after watching the later episodes...which get incredibly dark WAAAY darker than anything else the original show imagined.
The middle and end of this show are SOOOOO much better than the first one which didn't get dark enough nearly quickly enough so I can't understand anyone liking the original better as I said in the post about it earlier here.  This is by far the best version.  Watch the first 20 episodes of the first then stop when it diverges from the manga and gets silly.
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First off, Winry is pretty cute in this ep, no? I think she is naturally pretty and it's too bad Ed doesn't take notice (as far as we know) that she likes him. *Sigh* Guess I'll have to take her, well, once she's 18. Nice choice on the pic, Tom, but: 

Second, did anyone else notice Teacher (Izumi Curtis) and her husband (Sig Curtis) behind Winry at the train station? 
This ep was a bit goofier than some of the previous as the heroes were sorting out feelings and healing their wounds. And OMG Scar is alive?! Yeah I knew it already from FMA but it was an easy reveal to see coming. Better yet would be to know about his tattoo. Bear with the slapstick for now Tom as the action will be more prevalant soon. Personally I find the comedy better than usual because I treat the FMA franchise as being serious so comedy is an enjoyable break from the gritty truths that face the characters.


I don't really feel that there was much drama in Ouran. If anything it was mellodrama. As for FMA: B, I say it has the same feel as FMA right now. I hear it's supposed to get darker later on and that's interesting. I'm only watching the series along with the articles. Right now I can say that I do/don't like how Brotherhood is faster paced as I liked the filler of FMA but the pace of Brotherhood keeps me interested. Oh, and I think the intro song (Again by Yui) is great.
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For best viewing, watch the first 28 eps of the first, forget everything, then start again with Brotherhood.
Don't worry about the chibis. They die down soon enough once the darkness sets in.  
And no. At this point, Ed would have gotten his ass handed to him. Trust me on this.

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Yes, he would have very much died even if he was not injured. For Ed to stand up to his enemies I feel it would be best if he had real battle experience from a war. At least, that is my opinion and that is how I would approach my training. *Proceeds to innocently call out "Oh Roy, Major Armstong! Battle Royale!*
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@zaldar: You misunderstand...I have no problem with the pacing. The show understandably needs to move quickly. That's fine. 
My problem is the timing, in how the show moves back and forward from drama to comedy and back again (like Tom was saying in the article). There's an art and skill to that that some have mastered. This director hasn't, and the show feels very awkward at certain points for that.
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first off, the deformed stuff is A LOT funnier in the manga, seriously, in brotherhood its annoying, but in the manga it's hilarious,
and you are wrong, Envy and Lust would have kicked Ed's ass if they had actually fought, brutally
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I generally don't like Japanese comedy at all. I know the shows I watch aren't necessarily aimed at someone my age, but man are those moments when shonen shows try to be funny groan inducing. One Piece is the worst.
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@Gasero:  Are you saying you don't find kancho to be a delightful parlor trick?
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For me, FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood started getting better after Episode 13, so for those who don't like where the show is going at the moment (with all of the poorly-executed slapstick humor hurting the overall quality of show) should bear with it until then (it gets much better, I promise).
To this day I still perfer the original FMA (2004-2006) and the continuation movie Conqueror of Shamballa over Brotherhood so far, but the latest episodes that are airing on Adult Swim are starting to win me over.
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I admit the whole random chibi int he middle of something serious caught me off guard, especially coming from watching the origional, but you get used to it, and sometimes it is needed (in my opinion) to shake off the doom and gloom and make you think there is a brighter moment on the horizon.
They do get fewer and farther between. And I admit that I did NOT like this show at first,i thought it was just another rehash, but I've given it a chance and found that though the comedic moments caught me off guard they arn't undesired for me.  but it's all personal opinion and taste XD
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 The first 13 episodes did nothing for me, having seen it all done before and better. The show quickly began gaining ground after that, and by the end had surpassed the original as one of my favorite anime of all time, which is no small feat. Give it time, it's worth it.
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