Watch & Learn: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood #7

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  The ecstasy...
 The ecstasy...

Oh no! The Philosopher Stone is people! Call Charlton Heston!

Another FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST episode, another horrifying perversion of nature that somehow goes down a lot easier on account of the bright and cheery look of the show.  As if there weren’t enough hurdles to Ed and Al getting their humanity back (and presumably living like regular kids ever after,) now they’ve got an ethical dilemma to surmount.  Can these kids ever catch a break?

I probably ought to comment on how most terrible secrets are revealed through some intense dramatic confrontation or a confession brought about by the overwhelming burden of guilt.  This one’s revealed, basically, on the threat of a big, burly man taking his shirt off. Sure, the Alchemical kids find out by going through a cipher (and I reckon it was a bit above the usual cross-word puzzle level of complexity that most boys their age handle) but the Armstrong psych-out’s just so much more… colorful as solution. Every character - - young and old, good and evil - -  lives in fear of this man’s massive, oddly-hairless chest.

  ...and the agony.
 ...and the agony.

Seeing Scar pitted against the sins (as I’m calling Gluttony and Lust) was a bit cathartic. Sort of like the time I introduced the two most arrogant guys I know to eachother at party, there’s nothing quite as freeing as pitting your own devils against eachother. They say that the enemy of the enemy is my friend, though, so I can’t help wondering if this is a portent for Scar eventually allying with the alchemical kids, because they sure as hell aren’t going to be rolling with characters named Lust and Gluttony. Well, scratch that… these are teenage boys. They’re going to jump through whatever hoops Lust and her feminine wiles set up for them.

Not sure to what make of this Sheska gal. Sure, she’s got the cute geek girl vibe, but I imagine conversations might run a little stale, really fast if she’s only going to talk about is stacking, organizing and transcribing books. 
Watch this episode, "The Hidden Truth," below and decide for yourself!

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Just remember, the first 13 episodes of brotherhood cover the first 28 episodes of the first anime, so a lot of things aren't handled as well as they could have been due to time constraints.
That said, next episode will be fun for you.
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I don't watch FMA: Brotherhood, (Though I would like to start watching it eventually) I just came by to say that the subtitle for this article made me laugh for about 3 minutes straight. "The Philosophers Stone is People!" hah hah... Soylent Green.
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Nice Soylent Green reference. I try and make that joke on Comic Vine when they talk about the CHEW series. It never gets a reaction.
I'm not sure Al would be as effected by Lust. While he's a boy. He doesn't have hormones. You've seen under the loincloth. Though, now that I think about it. You were checking under the loincloth of a young boy. O_o
I haven't watched an episode of this, either. I was just so disappointed in the finale to the original TV series and subsequent movie. I wasn't even watching it in fan subs before FUNimation started to simulcast it.
I really didn't want to become invested in the series with time and emotions only for another disappointing finale. Originally, I was going to wait for the series to be over before I would start, but now I just can't bring myself to even start. There are other things I want to watch.
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 Every character - - young and old, good and evil - -  lives in fear of this man’s massive, oddly-hairless chest.  
dude thats awesome, im gonna have to save that somewhere
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I'm with you on most of those points, though, I thought the ending of the movie was a good way to wrap things up. As for the actual plot of the movie itself, it was... meh. regarding other things you could watch, perhaps High School of the Dead? Of course only if your into the whole zombie sub-genre.
(The fan-service isn't that terrible. Honest!) 
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@PrettyCoolGuy: @FoxxFireArt: watch brotherhood, it has the most satisfying ending of any anime i've seen.
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I miss all the filler from the original series right now because there was some fun stuff and I think a few fights. But I'm ready to start seeing new material as well. And another thing: how come if a series goes past 2 seasons nowadays it has some random number of eps in total?
Sheska has an amazing talent though! Photographic memory and getting paid out the ass to rewrite it all (doesn't sound too bad to me). I agree with you Tom that confessions and divulging information comes pretty easy (given the nature of the show one could say it takes away luster or fits with how the main characters are young boys who can't keep secrets very well). It makes me laugh just listening to Armstrong because his dub voice is done by Chris Sabat and it sounds goofy (but I like it). I was floored when I first heard the show say people make the Stone. That's just crazy! You don't even know how many, either. Would it matter if you only needed one compared to a hundred?
P.S. Tom, good job refraining from talking about FML...I mean, FMA.

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FMA:B isn't that bad especially the mark on Lust's chest turned me on. But yeah, Ed and Al are too young to have hormones. Al is a suit of armor.
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I don't think they are to young to have hormones I mean they are supposed to be about 11 or so right?  I mean to young for the stuff that they go through....and yes good soylent green refference.  I really should have thought of that when I saw this the first time but I suppose I was to horrified to make the connection.  What they do with this in the first show is amazingly terrible.....even worse than here really and makes scar into an even worse person than he is here (you should watch the first 28 or so episodes of the first show to get more back story after you finish this).  
Oh and sorry to say no the boys don't really ever get a only gets worse from here for a long while...
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  Ed is 15 and Al is technically 14.  Also, Arakawa has stated that she believes men should be muscular and women should be busty and curvy, which is most noticeable with Armstrong and Lust.
Also, just some info, this episode covers all of chapter 10 and half of 11.
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