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 Ed and Winry must've made those kids with alchemy, because I highly doubt they did it the old fashioned way.
 Ed and Winry must've made those kids with alchemy, because I highly doubt they did it the old fashioned way.

Well, here’s an ending that’s about as frustrating as EVANGELION’s…

I’m not one for getting too sentimental about endings. It’s been a great ride, watching and learning from all sixty four episodes of this series. That’s close to 24 hours worth of content that’s been metered out in a journey that started sometime last summer, but I'm not going to reflect on it much outside of just stating facts. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD has truly captured my imagination, inspired me creatively and given me everything I want out of a heroic fantasy epic…  

...except a satisfying ending.  

 Hey! That's far too much PDA, young man.
 Hey! That's far too much PDA, young man.

Is kissing banned by the standards & practices of whatever network originally broadcast this show in Japan? Thinking about it, I don’t think anybody’s ever actually lock lips in this show. From Lan Fan & Ling to Mustang & Hawkeye to even Hohenheim the boys' mom... it's like a 1st grader with a fear of cooties was calling the shots on this.  Maybe my consternation about the characters not being sentimental seems to contradict my statement above, but...  c'mon. Why lay down all that pipe if you aren't going to pump the juice? 

 The Elrics should've pounded a few more points home.
 The Elrics should've pounded a few more points home.

It's not even just the romantic stuff. I think there ended up being too many characters in this show and too many of them ended up surviving. There really isn’t much resolution for anyone outside of Scar, Selim and Mrs. Bradley. Even Mustang defers his promotion for some later date instead of actually completing that arc. Though I do appreciate how he once demonstrates how he's got the most horse sense of anybody in the story but by getting huffy about the chance to get his vision back.

I probably still need to properly digest all of this. Has there been any talk of a sequel series? Considering how absurdly successful this whole franchise has been, my gut tells me that there's going to be some kind of continuation. A scholarly life of travel might be the best fate for these kids and their wanderlust, but it’s also a pretty open invitation for more adventures. 

Watch this episode “Journey’s End,” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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While the ending to the relationships was rather frustrating. This one is actually a 1000% better than the ending of the first non-canon anime ending. Also, there is no sequel. This was based on the manga series and the manga ended. There is a Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood movie being released in July, but from what I've seen it's a movie that has no real effect on the plot. It's a non-canon story that takes place somewhere between the evens of the beginning and end of the series. Dragon Ball Z is full of movies such as that.
There was a final chapter published for the manga that was never animated. It explains about what happened to the iron armor body of Al. It got shipped to them in Resembool. Rather than let it gather dust, they took it to a blacksmith in town and had much of it melted down and turned into parts for automail. Al wanted that body to be used to help people. The helmet was turned into a birdhouse.
There are animes that have kissing. Just not a lot. At least ones that aren't hentai. That end with Ed and Winry was frustrating. Again another scene where it felt like a good grab her and kiss her scene would of been appropriate. Though, it was nice to see that they got married and had children. That's some closure. You have to do more than kiss to get kids.
There's something I've been curious about. Where do you get the pictures for these articles??? 
So, what's next? Going for another long series or try something small, for a change?
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I really really loved the ending.  My only complaints are more on the anime side of things.  Roy's goofy looking mustache, and Garfiel and Paninya being included in the Elric family photo, both of which aren't in the manga version of the photos.
There's the concept of equivalent exchange going on in the ending.  Ed and Al lose their family, and gain a new family in the end.  Scar spent a long time destroying, and now he has to spend a long time creating.
Arakawa said in an interview that Roy will eventually become leader of Amestris, but he feels he is too young, and that she might make an extra chapter about it.
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As much as you're gut tells you, this series is done so don't expect a sequel. There is a movie but that mainly for fun and it is show casing a past event. 
While the anime did miss some important points from the manga ending, I feel it covered everything that needed a resolution.
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Now you really should watch the old series.  Also, how did may end up so tall?
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Ending wasn't too bad, but it takes a lot to satisfy everyone with the ending. I enjoyed 90% of the series so I won't complain that much.
I was also a little perturbed by how the author played it safe. Most of the "good guys" were doing fine and healthy at the end of the series. It's almost as if there was barely any risk during this whole event.
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@kashif1 said:
" Now you really should watch the old series.  Also, how did may end up so tall? "

Uh, did you not notice that there are two children in the picture? The boy is maybe two or three years old and they had time to have two children. A few years have passed.
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Wait? You just ended the series?! 
Just when i had bought the first volume? awww :(
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I think Mustang and AL should have died and Scar too.Not that I hate them just that the ending is a little too happy go luckyy

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wow do I really disagree.  This was a a happy ending done right.  Not all anime has to have tragic endings.  I mean after watching lain, texnolyze and most other thought provoking anime (including the first version of this one) which have extremly sad endings this was a great change of pace.  Really was completely satisfied by this ending.  They lost their father, many secondary characters died and most (really all except mustangs) story was resolved.  I don't need complete romantic resolution as that often doesn't happen in life.  (I'm just glad they didn't end it with one of the homuculi surviving and going to the east for everything to start again).
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The ending probably upsets fans who wanted to Roy and Riza marry or have children. It's just Roy with a mustache (Arakawa was experimenting or something) rebuilding Ishval/Ishbal.
There's no perfect ending because fans are picky. I like it without Edward kissing Winry. It's Arakawa's style to insert comedy instead of a romantic ending.
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I love this show
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Sorry for being gone so long! Just finished this series though and I have to agree that the ending was bittersweet and left me feeling a little incomplete given the nature of the series. Ed's impromptu proposal was funny and on the mark-as was Winry's reply. I don't have too much to say really except that this version is way better than the original but I still liked it. Can't wait to get around to buying the rest of the series and maybe check out the manga.
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