Watch & Learn: Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood #6

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    You think about it, and Armstrong's basically FML's equivalent of Mr. T.
 You think about it, and Armstrong's basically FML's equivalent of Mr. T.

The allusion’s been nagging me this whole time, but I haven’t been able to place until this episode, for some reason. Anyway, is it just me or does the whole dramatic exposition about alchemy at the start of the opener remind anybody else of the A-TEAM intro? First you have a gravely-voiced narrated set-up the rules, then you ride out the rest of it with a music video.

Yes,  I’m probably the first person in the world to ever compare FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST BROTHERHOOD to the A-TEAM, but that’s what keeps you coming back, right?

Anyway, this was a good, low-key character development episode after all the rampant action we’ve gotten lately.  I find I have to bring up the subject of there being different kinds of intelligences once again because, even though he’s a brilliant bio-alchemist, this Marcoh guy has to be the worst shot in the history of fiction. He fires at Armstrong, point blank, and still manages to miss! And then Armstrong drops Alphonse on him. Classic.

Having read up a bit on alchemy before I ever started watching this show, I enjoyed this creative manifestation of the Philosopher’s Stone. If you think about it, it makes perfect for the holy grail of alchemy not to be bound by any one shape or color. The element that’s going to rule over all others should be hot and cool and dry and moist all at once.  Actually, now that I think about it, that stone’s finally answered the question of all the super-deformities to me…

The characters are all transmutating! That’s right, they’ve been around alchemy so long, their very shapes keep changing depending on their moods and emotions! That’s been the secret this whole time. Forget the EVA mysteries… I figured this one out all on my own.

Anyway, as I was saying,   here’s my point of comparison. The A-TEAM’s opening…


And, now, FML: B’s opening below, for this episode "A Home With A Family Waiting."  Granted, it’s a little tenuous, but there’s definitely some grounds of comparison.  


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Heh...if you say so....still you are right about what keeps me coming back ;)
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Don't you mean 'FMA' not 'FML'? It's funny. It of course does make sense that the Philosopher's Stone be or varying shape and size but wouldn't it be reasonable to suggest that even so, the smaller the "Stone" the more concentrated yet unstable its power is? Because, it wouldn't be convenient to have something that's 500 lbs to give you ultimate power.

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It's... an interesting comparison.
Although, Marcoh is a slightly better shot that the combined powers of the A-Team. At least he managed to hit something at one point in the anime.
And DAMN was it awesome.
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@sotyfan16: Ha ha... I just realized what "FML" stands for. 
I suppose Alphonse would be saying that all the time, though. Ha ha ha....
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@SamJaz:  Ha ha... well when you put it that way, his accuracy is a lot better.
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It's FMA's reverence for actual history added with a ridiculous anime style that really sold me on the premise.  Brotherhood definitely stands out as one of my favorite shows in recent years.  The A-team is awesome but narrated exposition just seems like a common framing device for scripts in general and it's featured in a wide number of entertainment mediums.  If you want to get a blast of crazy excited announcer you might want to consider Shin Mazinger Shougeki! Z-hen which has a ton.  It's pretty dope since it serves as a call back to the original Mazinger Z.  I must admit its effective at getting you pumped for more episodes.
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It's an interesting comparison.  Your thoughts about the Philosopher’s Stone intrigues me, and I wonder after seeing all of the episodes if your theory stands ( I'm watching Brotherhood, but I'm not reading the manga). 
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I never would have thought of comparing the two, but you're right it works. 
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@Chroma said:
" I never would have thought of comparing the two, but you're right it works.  "
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This method of pitying the fool has been passed down the Armstrong line for generations! *sparkle*
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Holy crap.
Armstrong is  Mr. T.
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