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   If his fingersnaps are this deadly, I can't even imagine how dangerous his jazz hands must be.
 If his fingersnaps are this deadly, I can't even imagine how dangerous his jazz hands must be.

Somebody needs to coach Mustang on his smack talk. Moron? Idiot? Those are the worst things he’s going to call this scumbag he’s burning with hatred for? If this were the second grade playground and nobody had learnt any real swears yet, that would sound natural, but these are bitter archenemies. He needs to watch some WWF to learn how to make some proper threats (and he should stick to only old school, though. When the wrestlers actually had charisma.) Then again, Mustang might just be a man of action, not words. Ed’s skeleton crew was struggling so hard with the zombies, hitting their unusual weak spot at the ankles, and then Mustang shows up to prove these supposedly-immortal monsters are just as vulnerable to fire as everything else. 

Now, it looks like he’s going to scorch Envy from the inside-out and I’m realizing that he’s the one who’s actually getting the Alchemical Kids’ dirty work done. Al got the chance to squish Envy to goo in the palm of his steel hand and what did he do? He entrusted the dangerous little bugger to the 12-year-old with pigtails. Then he got plenty of time to snap Pride’s neck as often as it’d take to use up his lives and what did he do? He just sat there and tried to talk it out while the kid drummed on his head.

   Who'd have ever guessed these guys were vulnerable to something like fire?
 Who'd have ever guessed these guys were vulnerable to something like fire?

Amateurs. They’re amateurs. And Mustang’s the pro (even if he’s got bad mic skills.) I’m not really afraid that he’s going to fall off the deep end the way Scar’s fearing. He’s actually the only good guy who seems to take the homunculi seriously as threats.

All that aside, this episode’s whole radio dialog brings up my other enduring issue with this series. While the mythos is thoroughly realized, I’ll disagree with anybody who claims the world is air-tight in its consistency, because they’ve never really been able to neatly live up to the alternate history premise introduced in the first couple episodes. The assault weapons coexisting with crappy cars from the turn of the century being one example. In this case, you’ve got Mrs. Bradley speaking on an old-timey radio broadcast with a host who likes he just rolled out of NPR, circa 2011. There's some incongruity there.

Watch this episode “Flame of Vengeance,” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.  


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Is it just my imagination, or are these W&L - Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood articles coming a lot slower than they used to? I wasn't sure if I'm only noticing it now, because I've started following them more recently.
I have to disagree with you, Tom. I don't think Arakawa was trying to fit this into a WWII reality, but just used the themes for a setting. This is a world that is based more completely on alchemy. It was the most predominant science of this universe. As such, other disciples would suffer. Such as with transportation. Money and funding was more put toward alchemy. Not to mention it's a military state.
The tanks in this series are a brand new innovation for this world that were developed by the military forces of Fort Briggs. They do seem to be familiar with fuel injected systems. That concept was brought up when they doused Sloth with Fuel. Buccaneer made a point of talking about how it evaporates at low temperatures.
Now, about the way Mustang is talking to Envy. In Japanese, Roy is speaking very rudely. The word he's using for "you" is "kisama". Sort of the equivalent of calling him a "bastard". "Baka" is an all around insult. It's more the fault of the translator for the subtitles for not using a stronger word. Though, the translator might not of been allowed to use a rougher term.
I love the psychological aspect of Envy bragging about killing Hughes while in the shape of his wife. That scene was really well animated.

The next episode is good. It had a great moment that actually had be shout something out loud.
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To be fair Tom, I've seen subtitles that differ in the way they translate insults. Some more crudely than others, especially when it comes to the use of the word "baka". I don't think Funimation wanted to get too cruel with their subtitles since the show's audience is for a wide range of maturities. The writer's intention of what Mustang is saying may be different (haven't read the manga).
One of the things that I realized throughout the series is that Ed and Al aren't very effective. While they are the main characters of the series, most of the major events happen because someone else finished it. You'll probly see what I mean as the series comes to a close. I never liked that Ed and Al were not willing to kill. It's not like the Homunculus were going to realize the error of their ways. And just because I like to bring this up all the time...Batman should realize that criminals break out of prison because they have no intention of changing their ways. Kill them already.
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Watching that manipulative little worm Envy get his comeuppance is pretty satisfying.  Attempting to sow discord and unnerve your opponent isn't going to work if all he cares about is your violent, flaming death.
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I disagree Ed and Al do alot but not in terms of fighting 
-Finds the philospher stone secret ingredient 
-Uncovers the conspiracy  
-Beats Cornello 
-beats Greed
-Beats pride  
-Beats  Slice(48) 
-Beats Selim 
-Beats Kimbley 
-Evades Gluttony's stomach 
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Tom, you can be a dark man. Ed and Al avoid trying to kill their enemies simply because that would be, y'know, killing. No matter how much they act like adults they're still kids, Ed is 15, and they really don't want to kill people, even the inhuman monsters. It's really easy to say they should kill, but actually doing it is a completely different. 
Also, I'm pretty sure Mustang is too pissed off to be spending any time trying to come up with creative insults.
And last but not least, At no point whatsoever, does anyone claim the manga or brotherhood to be set in an alternate history. That is an idea exclusive to the first anime.
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Mustang is so awesome :)
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Damn! His anger even better pictured in the anime than in the manga. Kudos for the animation team. Mustang is AWESOME (with capital word!!!!!!!!!!!!)
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@ninjadude853: God you guys reminded me of that alternate history or world bullshit from the first show. I loved the show up until that point, than I got a sour taste in my mouth and can't even see clips from it without remembering it. I'm lucky I started watching FMA later so that right after I watched the first anime I moved right onto Brotherhood :P
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@re_player92: Dear god dude, I'm not a fan of the alternate history angle either. But you seem to be overreacting slightly.
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@ninjadude853 said:
" @re_player92: Dear god dude, I'm not a fan of the alternate history angle either. But you seem to be overreacting slightly. "
I'm not saying you can't enjoy the series because of it just for me personally I watched the last 20 episodes of the show in one day and when that hit I really didn't care about what was going to happen afterwards. 
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Anyone know of a dub version, I hate to have to switch to subs for the last few eps
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