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 Would YOU dare to call her "sir?"
 Would YOU dare to call her "sir?"

“Sub vs. dub” is fight that'll never end. I’m really not insistent on watching anime one way over the other. FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST has been an interesting experiment for me because I ran out of dubbed episodes with #17 (I think that was the number) and have thus reached a point where I’ve watched half of this show subbed and half of it dubbed. So far, both versions are just as good, although the only voices I can remember in my head are of those of the Alchemical kids. I wonder what Olivier's dub actress will sound like?

Purists are going to cite inappropriate voice actors as a case against dubbing, but I think a counterpoint is that sub-titles can sometimes have awkward phraseology that probably wouldn’t have passed by if somebody had been asked to speak the lines aloud. In this episode, specifically, the Briggs troops say their solidarity is “monolithic,” which a bit too eloquent of a way for grunts to describe their espiritus de corps. There’s also the part where a subordinate addresses Olivier as “Sir.” I’m sure an English voice actor would’ve probably said that line and then pointed out to the dub director, “Hey, she isn’t a man.”   

She could very well be a feminist who insists on being addressed the same as a dude, but that needs to be brought up in the dialog then. As is, it just seems like a gaff.

Back to the plot, it looks like I was sniffing right when I suspected the Homunculi’s master plan was similar to the Ripper’s grand sacrificial rite in FROM HELL. The blood-shedding sites even form a pentagram! Considering that May uses pentagrams in her acupuncture and Feng Shui-based magic, maybe the secret is that the Homunculi use alkahestry instead of alchemy? This conspiracy’s certainly getting interesting and they really have been laying the clues for it since the first episode (that poor rogue wasn’t a bad guy, after all, was he?) I suppose that’s one of the advantages of getting to do a whole series over again, isn’t it? You can make the execution that much tidier.

It’s almost getting redundant at this point to say that the action was impressively well-staged and timed, because that's the case for every episode.  C'mon, the elevator dings and… SURPRISE! It’s a tank!

Watch this episode, “The Shape of this Country,” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.    



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I personally prefer dubs, something about being forced to read the subtitles just takes away some of the enjoyment from me. That said, I'm fully willing to see the subbed version if I can't find the dubs, anywhere. But it's not usually that much of a problem. It was easy enough to find a dubbed Trigun.
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I'll watch the dub once its finished
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I think Ed's english voice is WAAAAAAAAY better.
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Online Now
Olivier Mira Armstrong's English VA is Stephanie Young. She's played Yui Ikari in Evangelion 1.11. She also does the voice for Nico Robin in One Piece.
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Both voice actors are good.
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The only dub I can stand watching is Ranma 1/2's.  I prefer watching something in it's original language, be it French, Italian or Japanese.  Reading subtitles is like second nature now.
And on calling Olivier "Sir", well, I think it is fitting.  No need to call attention to her being female, she'll kick your ass all the same.
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I'll always watch a dub over a sub if it's decent. My worst habit is sticking with one until it's finished and never straying to a sub despite any temptations, which I did for Monster.
I'll never try to sit through a bad dub, though.
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@Nerxual_Oh said:

" Another FMA... Will this be decent story-line or will it be corny and dumb like DBZ became? If anime show is going to run long time like ghost in shell, creators can not run out of ideas. "

The show's done, dude, and it ends quite nicely at episode 64. Unlike DBZ which spends 60+ episodes on masturbatory power up scenes and ends up episode 200 something.
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I'm gonna go with madam foreman
much better name heh
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much prefer subs myself but then I am kind of a purist.  Girlfriend is a dub person so that is always interesting...
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I enjoy the dub more than the sub.

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