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  Hawkeye hasn't gone chibi yet. Can you imagine how badly that would ruin her street cred?
 Hawkeye hasn't gone chibi yet. Can you imagine how badly that would ruin her street cred?

We’ve come a long way since that dark low where I was about to stop watching this show permanently. Still, there are certain… problems with FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST that are never really going to go away. I’ll continue watching, don’t worry. “Tolerance” might not be the right word for it; “acceptance” might not be either, because I still roll my eyes whenever said problems come up. It’s lot like when King started showing up in the DARK TOWER novels. 98% of the books were this phenomenal epic and then you had this 2% where he wrote himself in as a character or made references to his own life... and that 2% forced me stop to stop reading and groan every time.

With this show, it’s the humor and often clumsy historical allusions. You have this episode, detailing the Ishvalan War, with some truly powerful drama and questioning of morality. For the most part, it's a great episode. But then you have the moments where characters go chibi, like Mustang's comrade does while he’s in the middle of a heavy, philosophical discussion. That isn’t comic relief - - that’s a tone with Tourette syndrome.

And there’s "Fuhrer" King Bradley. I’ve brought it up several times and I may bring it up several times more, because I’m distracted every time he’s referred to as such. Perhaps it was used historically in Germany before Hitler’s reign, but the country in this show isn’t Germany so acting like it isn’t supposed to be a blatant reference to the man is like referring to him as Il Duce and acting like it isn’t Mussolouni. So, having a Hitler analog ordering an ethnic cleansing, even if the creators insist it was in reference to some other conflict, is going to draw connections to the Holocaust that fall short of artful allegory. In some cases, it even verges onto bad taste.

Anyway, that rant’s done. I’ll say that I got so much sastifcation from the look on Envy’s face when he/she returned to the “painted” cell Scar. And the revelation about the Ishvalans being used to make Philsopher’s Stones brings a brilliant full circle reveal regarding the Homunculi’s extra lives.

Watch this episode, “The Ishvalen War of Extermination,” below and decide for yourself, then read my comments on the previous episode here.      


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That is just part of Hughes character.   Acting goofy in a bad situation keeps him sane.  It isn't like Mustang joined in, he just let him act like that.  There's a similar scene in one of the manga side-stories except in that one Mustang is a bit ruder:  
Spoilered for large size

Also a quick look at wikipedia reveals such:
"The word Führer means " leader" or "guide" in the German language, derived from the verb führen, a cognate of the Old English words faran ("to make one's way") and fær ("road", "journey") and the Modern English words derived from the older terms such as fare now mostly used in compounds such as wayfarer and sea-faring. These are also cognates of the Latin peritus ("experienced"), Sanskrit piparti ("brings over") and the Greek poros ("passage", "way"). The word Führer in the sense of guide remains common in German, but comes with some stigma and negative connotation when used as the meaning of leader. The word Leiter is therefore used instead."
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you'll like the Fuhrer by the end,
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@kashif1 said:
" you'll like the Fuhrer by the end, "
Whaaaaaaaat? But... but he's the bad guy!
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@Tom_Pinchuk: Because he is a total badass
The deformed chibi things are funnier in the manga (Plus the Japanese probably enjoy them in the anime as well.
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I thought Fuhrer was a title that meant you are both the King and acting Military leader of the country.
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You are not alone Tom. I HATED the chibi and tonal shifts that FMA relied on sometimes. I might not speak Japanese, but I also don't think its ever funny when characters have exaggerated reactions to things and its supposed to be funny.
It's not funny, it's just lame antics. I guess that's the way to appeal to the 13-17 year old demographic in Japan, but sometimes it ruins a great series from being even better.
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THIS JUST IN:  FMA was serialized in Shonen GanGan.  The key word there being "shonen", which is the 12-18 year old male demographic.  I've read that Arakawa doesn't like when things get too heavy, so she defuses things in various ways.  I've never had a problem with it, and can't imagine FMA without it.
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I am well aware of FMA's publication. I also still watch Pokemon, Yugioh, Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, and other shonen titles and I know that I am not necessarily their target demo. In my opinion I feel that FMA is a much more mature and well thought out story than those other shows and it could have been more enjoyable if the characters didn't do that kind of unnatural shift in tone.
I do not believe Death Note would have been as enjoyable if L and Light did that either.
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I will only concede that I believe the animators don't use it in the best of ways, but in the manga, I find that it is a big part of why I enjoy it.  I don't want things to be super serious all the time.  I get enough downer shit in real life. 
 Spoilering this for personal stuff:

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Sorry to hear about your personal stuff rubberluffy and I would find it odd if you did it around me and not know how to act but I certianly wouldn't tell you you shouldn't be doing it. 
The use of furher never bothered me, any reference to the holocaust that keeps it in consciousness so it doesn't get forgotten is ok with me.  The chibi stuff never bother me either wasn't my favorite but was funny.  Yes the revel about the isvalan war was quite interesting wasn't it?  It gets even better from here.
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I usually get people to laugh.  I've even gotten my mom to laugh about it.    That's just how I roll.
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Am I the only one who thinks Riza is now hotter with knowing she has a big tattoo on her back? I really liked all the backstory provided in this ep about Roy, Riza, and Ishbal. Of course Marcoh waas going to die and it was interesting what Scar did with the man's blood. The ending of the ep was kind of crap though with May freaking out over Al. 

Just wow...But I also agree that FMA would not be the same if the chibi was not present. I like the sudden breaks in the seriousness and enjoy a good laugh at the worst of times (a recent example would be Arizona Cardinal's QB, Anderson, laughing on the sidelines while the team was losing (which I totally think was cool and I'd freak out like he did in the interview too)). I haven't read the manga but it works great for me in the anime.
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A lot of manga fans had a lot of complaints about this episode.  You see, the Ishbal flashback in the manga takes up a whole volume, and there were a lot of accusations about stuff being cut.  But the Scar flashback from a few episodes ago was part of the flashback, and another scene is moved into a later episode.  So really I think the episode does a fine enough job.  My only real complaint is the removal of Basque Gran's only other scene.  Even if he is a very minor character, it is a pretty interesting scene.
There's a part where some Ishbalans, led by Roug Roa (who you do see in the episode), surrender.  The Brigadier General in charge refuses their surrender, fanatically saying to kill them all.  Gran disagrees and shoots him dead.  Hughes remarks that it was a stray bullet, everyone else agrees, and Gran says he cannot accept Roa's thanks, but wishes luck negotiating with the Fuhrer, but we see how well THAT goes.
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That scene would have been pretty cool to have in the anime but we can't have everything now can we? I just got the first volume of Code Geass and while I haven't read it yet I'm surprised it goes all the way up to Lelouch killing Clovis.
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Theres a few scenes in the flashback that make you go "ah-ha!" in both the anime and manga.  If you pay attention in the episode, you can see episode 1 filler character Isaac the Ice Alchemist just sitting around, and in the manga (and in the background in this episode) you see Giolio Comanche (the guy Scar killed in ep 15, with the peg leg and the whole spinning like a top) being carried on a stretcher screaming about Ishbalans and you can see his leg has been badly injured.  
Haven't seen Code Geass outside of like 2 episodes, but I didn't care for it (except for the girls...).
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