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OKay, let me see if it works
Awesome! thank you.
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 Hey guys, come on.  Spoiler tags are like a big "CLICK HERE" sign.  We don't need to discuss stuff that hasn't happened yet.
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Even more tension is created here and things are really building up. I'm curious about how Ling with fare with Greed and really curious if Ed will realize that the people of Xing use Alchehistory and Scar stops at the break down stage of alchemy as to why they could keep using their abilities while he couldn't against Father. 
I have not seen the series and so I'm watching it along with the Watch & Learns. Therefore, I'm taking in everything ep by ep. I have a bad need to read every comment and its contents (that includes spoilers). 

Ok, I really hope I forget that spoiler of yours until the time it happens.

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Yeah, I know you're still new to it,, you're like the only one of the usual commenters who hasn't seen it.  Seems things got a little out of hand here :(
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@ninjadude853: Highlight the thing you want to hide and press the big red button above the typing box.

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