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 You've gotta admire somebody who rocks white gloves like this...
 You've gotta admire somebody who rocks white gloves like this...

Well, my opinion about Mustang turned completely around. A full 180 degrees. I thought he was a major A-hole before, and now I think he’s one of the biggest badasses. Seriously, his return to save the day was a knock-out.   It’s rare to experience a story where I genuinely can’t predict who’s going to bite it, but I was not calling any of the blows for this one. Couldn’t call Havoc’s death, couldn't call Mustang’s seeming death and I definitely couldn't call Lust's brutal death.

I'm not entirely sure how that last one worked out, actually. The homunculi seemed like they were this world’s answer to Terminators, with Lust being a very T-1000 style unstoppable foe (or maybe, more accurately, a T-X, since she used sex as a weapon.) I would’ve assumed the only way to defeat her was a stake in the heart followed by decapitation, dismemberment and the spreading of limbs to all four corners of the world before final incineration.   

But Mustang just... kept... burning her. Either he exhausted and/or overwhelmed the philsopher’s stone, or maybe she just ran out of her lives (like a video game!)

I suspect that the weakness is unique to each scene. You probably can get Gluttony off your tail by throwing a bearclaw at him.

Despite myself, I think the show’s starting to hit its stride. I especially liked Al’s heroic stand and declaration in the face of certain death. Thematically, it’s interesting how he’s persisting, like he’s some mathematical remainder just barely hanging on to existence. And speaking of non-existence...  I can’t believe I’m saying that I’m sorry to see Barry the chopper go, but - - damn it! - - the irascible serial killer warmed on me. I suspect his soul's just gone back into his body, though.

Watch this episode, “Death of the Undying,” below make your own decisions, and then read my comments on the previous episode here.   


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Roy Mustang: He did it all for the miniskirts.
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Barry's dead. Havoc's not, but he's out of action.
Remember that Philosopher's Stones are made of multiple human souls? And Homunculi have Philosopher's Stones as their core? 
Each time they regenerate, they use up one soul from the stone. They run out of souls, they can't regenerate and they die. Problem is, each stone has a lot of souls. A LOT of souls.
So, I guess it is like a videogame, running out of lives, but it's done very well.
Glad you're starting to appreciate the show now, and this is why we kept urging you to keep this up. The show only gets better from here on out.
And to think. Two episodes ago, you were bragging about how you had this all figured out. Like I said, never underestimate Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. It's like a train. Starts of slow, bumpy and chuggish, but once it gets going it just gets faster and smoother and faster until it turns into a rocket-train and flies you to a place you thought you'd never see without drilling into a black hole.
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First off...Holy fucking shit, it's Father!!!! I thought he was hooked up to a contraption and was strangely living and dying at the same time. I was a little sad to see Barry go as well, Tom.  
This was a hell of an ep with all the action. Al was quite the man (knight in shining armor?) standing up to lust knowing that there wasn't much he could do to protect Riza. Also a close call with Havoc and Mustang. Mustang gets the BAMF award here for carving the transmutation circle into his hand, sealing his wound, and firing blast after blast of fiery retribution upon Lust with the help of Havoc's broken lighter. 
The idea that a soul from the Philosopher's Stone is used each time a homunculus dies makes sense. Lust must have died a shit-ton more times before for her to only have to die like 20 times here (but I guess she has been "alive" for a few hundred years). Tom, if you are still watching the subs I suggest watching the scene of Lust dying as the her dub voice lets out one excruciating scream after another and it's chilling
P.S. This show just got real! And more awesome! Wonder what Fuhrer Bradley will do now..

Quit your whining! If you want to have more variety then I suggest you write something good and send it to the staff for posting or suggest the staff work to post more material.
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 I have to say that when I first opened this to read. I thought for a split second I opened up the last one. The first picture was so similar.
The only death that really surprised me in the series was Lust, but that was because she lasted so long in the original anime. She nearly lasted to the end of the season. Hard to believe they lost a character with such sex appeal so early in the run. Though, I enjoyed Martel more. She gets killed even sooner in this anime. So much potential lost.
Mind you, I haven't seen how the manga ended. I kind of lost track around the time we saw Envy's true form. As I've said numerous times. I haven't started watching this anime particular series.
@vergilius said:
" Roy Mustang: He did it all for the miniskirts. "
Was that joke even used in this series? I followed the manga for a while, but I don't remember that one.

So, how do you really feel about these? Don't hold back so much.
Seriously, that was freakin' rude. The all caps thing is the height of immaturity. It's perfectly fine to disagree with someone, but you should be polite about it.
I would agree with you on one tiny aspect of what you are saying. While I want to make it clear that I enjoy reading Tom's writing, and I like the idea behind this segment. I'm just not incredible interested in the series being covered at this time. I have already watched Cowboy Bebop to death thanks to [adult swim] airing it to a ridiculous degree. I really enjoyed the show, but now I could easily never watch it again. I'm also not very interested in FMA: Brotherhood. The original anime was just that much of a let down. I'd rather be watching new things than seeing the same thing over again on only the hope the ending might be better.
It would just be nice to see more variety in the editorial content on the site. I understand that right now Tom and GodLen are the only regular staff contributors to the site, and GodLen only writes on the weekends. Tom also writes for a number of the Whiskey Media sites along with his personal projects. It seems as if it's far too much to be demanding he writes solely for this site alone.

I do what little I can by submitting guest author articles. I would much rather try and be part of the solution than standing outside complaining, but more often than not my submissions are rejected. It can't be helped. It's their site. I'm just a member. Not even paying one either.
It's peculiar where you get this idea that these articles give a bad first impression. It would be a far worse impression for there not to be any updates on the site. The only thing i would say that I was disappointed in was the lack of news to come out of the Anime Festival. I understand the reasons why, but all that was said was one article with no news out of it, no interviews, and a handful of cosplay photos. I don't say any of that to be in any way disrespectful.
Bloody hell, I'm a chatty one tonight. This happened the other day on one of the Comic Vine articles.
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@EliasZoro: We've discussed this earlier. The mods are working on getting new content in.
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That Mustang vs Lust scene was one of the best scenes I have ever seen in an anime ever.
And shame on you Tom for doubting the badassery of Mustang. He makes fire by snapping his fingers! Of course he was planning something cool.
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The miniskirt joke is only in a few of the 4koma in the back of some of the manga volumes.
Also, the ending IS better this time around.
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@rubberluffy: Those 4Koma's were WIERD man. Remember the time when Ed asked Alphonse if he'd picked up another cat, but it turned out he'd converted his insides into a minifridge? Or am I making that one up?
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@SamJaz said:
" @EliasZoro: We've discussed this earlier. The mods are working on getting new content in. "
Out of curiosity, how is it that mods need to work on that?
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@FoxxFireArt: Remember that topic Newten started a week or so ago, asking what we wanted to see on the front page of AnimeVice? He said he was gonna get some stuff off the ground from that.
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That was just an open discussion of what people would like to see on the site. Newten and I are just trying to be proactive in thinking up a solution to the problem of lack of content. It's in no way official.
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@FoxxFireArt: Ah, kay. My bad.
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I love the one where they find out the Homunculi's weakness is squirting lemon juice (or something) in their eyes.  Also there's a few great Al ones, like when he thinks he should lose weight, and Ed is like "you're a suit of armor, you can't lose weight" and the last panel is a super skinny Al doing a sexy pose.
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@FoxxFireArt:    you really really need to give fma:B another change it is sooo lijght years better than the first one.  I mean I liked the first one but as this episode proves this show is not just on another planet its in another solar system hell another universe.  Its gets darker quicker, it stays dark, people actually die the stakes are that much higher, and the homoculi are that much cooler.  I say again just wait until we meet Al's teacher.
And yes it gets even better from here...and keeps getting better much like Gurran lagan actually.  I am sorry you don't care for this content but it is the one thing that keeps me coming back to the site.  Honestly before these started most of the other stuff I could take or leave.
And tom...yeah don't try to predict anime...did you read our earlier comments this be one of the bad ass scences...and yes watch the lord is here voice actress incredible.  Well done on the he just...kept..burning her.  God I need to go watch that scene again it was just all kinds of awesome.  Most awesome scenes so far fight between the furher and greed and no this...and we are just getting started!
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You kind of talk about the series as if I never watched the first one. I know who their teacher is. Just because a series is darker or faster doesn't speak to being better. Movies are faster than the books they are based on. That doesn't make them better. People also died in the original series. I really don't see the point.
I just rail against the idea of making one anime series with a false end only to remake it soon after the original with the same basic story with a supposedly different end. Why didn't they just wait to make the series right to begin with? Look at My-HIME or My-OTOME. Those are two series with the same characters, but drastically different stories. They even vary wildly from their own manga origins.

Originally, I was going to wait until Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood was over before I started watching it. That way if I didn't like what  was going on I wouldn't have to wait week after week for it to be over. I could watch several episode at a time. I did that with Death Note after L died. By the time FMA: Brotherhood was over, I had lost interest.
I'm not saying I don't like the Watch & Learn articles. I just don't really care for the series being covered at this time. While I was interested in the Gurren Lagann - Watch & Learn. I really couldn't follow the articles. Tom was only posting links to the dubbed versions, and I could not stand the dubbed cast at all. It's that reason why I never watched the series when SciFi channel was airing it. I couldn't find an official source for the subtitles online. So, I mostly stayed out of the discussion. I'm pretty well determined to only boycott VIZ run series. I almost never watch pirated animes now.
Well done official sources from companies that are dedicated to an accurate story need to be supported.
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What "other" content would you have in mind? Personally, I would love to see even more on the News page if it's from other users (be it Staff or Mods). Sadly it will be a couple months until I have the time to devote to writing articles to send in to the Staff.
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Well, this article is hardly the place for that discussion. I would like to see more news of coming series of manga and anime, but mostly I would like to see someone among the Anime Vice staff commit an act of journalism. Talk to people in the manga/anime industry and ask them questions. I have so many things I would love to ask people in the industry, but lack any connections to do so. One example, I would love to know if FUNimation has any plans for the One Piece Strong World movie, but as far as I can tell. No one has asked them. Not even anyone on Anime News Network.
I just don't feel comfortable asking questions of Tom about manga/anime. Mainly, because he is new to all of this. I respect his opinion. It's just that I feel like a senior asking a freshman with help on my math work. I don't mean that in a disparaging way. New people should be just as welcome as the experienced fan.
The thing I respect about the Comic Vine staff is that I know that G-man, Babs, Inferior Ego, and Tom all know far much more about comics than I do. I feel as if I have something to learn from them in that regard. G-Man is a basic living encyclopedia of comics, Babs is an insightful and thought provoking writer, Inferior Ego has decades of experience in an assortment of comics, and from what I have read of Tom's work. He is brilliant and seems to have a real love and understanding for the quality in literature.
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