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   Alas poor Ross, we hardly knew thee.
 Alas poor Ross, we hardly knew thee.

It’s amazing what kind of random associations I get from these shows. In this case, I was getting a serious BBC vibe. Maybe it was the foggy cobblestone alleys, maybe it was the procedural drama, but if you took out the outrageous alchemy spells, I could easily see this being a "programe" set mostly in a jail. 

I’m going to bring the super-deformed/chibi stuff every time because it brings me out of the experience every single time. You have this great, tense situation where Ross is confronted by Barry in her cell and given a life-or-death decision where neither choice is obviously right. How is her anxiety expressed? She turns into a giant, razor-fanged Pez dispenser version of herself and radiates speed lines.   

Talk about killing the mood…

Along those lines, I couldn’t help but compare  the M.O.’s of these alchemical kids and the knuckleheads in GURREN LAGANN. Where Ed & Al are constrained by procedural rules, foes with stronger powers and questions of what the truth is, Simon & Kamina would just smash their way through the problem (and it’d all work out for them!)  Ross is wrongfully imprisoned? Just bulldoze into the jail with a spell and bust her out. The State Alchemist higher-ups will just laugh it off to “boys will be boys” and forget it ever happened.  

Then again, I guess these kids don't have such luck. Or maybe they're just thinking too narrowly. Take your pick. 

I love how Barry the Chopper’s become a regular part of the cast. Like I said, he's the Kramer to FMA's SEINFELD. I’m also glad, for once, that I can finally sniff where how one of these conspiracies is spinning out before some character actually spells it out for me. Barry's obviously serving the whole Homunculi/State Alchemist conspiracy. He’s the wild card they can deal. They can use him to break Ross out of jail and then let Mustang be justified in executing her on the pot, rather than arouse supicions with a bogus trial.   

See? I’m getting wise to it!

Watch this episode, “Cold Flame” below, decide for yourself and read my comments on the previous episode here.   


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I love it when someone thinks they've got it figured it out.
You are gonna love the next few episodes.
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I'm not entirely sure what part you're talking about with Ross turning into a "giant razor-fanged pez dispenser with speed lines" as that doesn't happen.  She has anxiety lines when she puts her hands on the walls, and when she gets spotlighted she cries to to her parents before getting a grip and psyching herself up.  But what you described doesn't even happen.  And its not like the whole breakout was played seriously in the first place. 
Also you got the headline titled as ep 16, not 17.
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@rubberluffy: Ooh heck. You're right.
Next episode is episode 18.
Hell to the yes.
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@rubberluffy: Ahhhh... upon review, that's actually more of Ed's thing. The stink/anxiety lines got my head more in that direction, though.
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S'alright.  Anyway, I hope you're prepared, because episode 19 is pretty ballin'.  18 ain't bad either.
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@Tom_Pinchuk: I recommend this.

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Not a Gurren Lagann fan, but damnit I love the music and Parallel Works videos.
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@rubberluffy: The music is indeed amazing, but back to FMA. I just had the music to symbolise how hard shit is about to hit the fan.
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And turning to FMA and music, the song that plays during THAT upcoming scene is pretty badass.
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@rubberluffy: Indeed.
And turns out, the episode I'm looking forward to most is in episode 19. Whoops?
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@SamJaz: Uh.... awesome? Why haven't I seen that before?
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@Tom_Pinchuk: It's part of the Parallel works, a series of official AMV's that came with the Gurren Lagann movies. That one there shows the backstory of LordGenome.
Speaking of which, you really, REALLY need to see Lagann-hen. Best movie since the Dark Knight.
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@SamJaz: Aaaaaaaaaah... 
Isn't that just a remake of the last episode, though?
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As much as I love TTGL, and I do love the franchise, Lagann-hen was mostly mecha fanservice and didn't really add anything to the series proper.  I *did* enjoy it, but maybe it would be a better thing for Tom to watch like 6 months from now as a break?  He's already juggling two shows... Moreover I'd like to see him get into Parallel Works before he gets into the movies.
Now the Bebop movie, that I'd like to see him watch lol.
I had much the same reaction as SamJaz to this review favorite part about FMA is that even when it surprises you, the surprises don't seem forced.  It's always more of an "ah-ha!" than a "what?!"
And Tom, try not to let the superdeformed stuff get to you.  It is less prevalent as the series goes on, and even then you start to acclimate to it a bit so it becomes less jarring.
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@Tom_Pinchuk: Remember that ross was a much more fleshed out character in the original anime.  Even though it was convenient for me, it is still one of brotherhoods greatest flaws that you have to have watched the original anime to fully appreciate it
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Uhh...Why?  That doesn't even make sense.  Brotherhood is the ORIGINAL.  Anything the 2003 anime did has no bearing on it.  Ross is not that important a character in the manga/Brotherhood.  That is how it is.  What does her being "fleshed out" in the 2003 series have to do with how the CREATOR of FMA wrote her?  The only companion to watching Brotherhood would be to read the manga.   I've never been able to finish the 2003 anime, as it bored me and actually turned me off of FMA for years until I was bored one day and started to read the manga.
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It's too bad for Ross. Mustang seemed way out of sorts in this ep, too. Mustang would usually take the opportunity to question Ross. Instead Mustang reverted back to his war days and killed before asking questions. Ed and Al need to get back into shape and start thinking critically instead of not at all. Something has to happen so the homunculi aren't two steps ahead all the time. I think a flaw is that Armstrong isn't a higher rank and Mustang's plans aren't as good as they seem to be. I thought Barry would be used to support Ross' case that she was innocent. Ed needs to buck up and be more of the wild-child of the military instead of constantly being held up by high-ranking officers. The chibi still kills me and I'm a little sad there isn't as much of it but in place of it I get the whole FMA story and I can't wait to find out what happens next.

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Not to tom....never EVER think you have a plot figured out in anime 9999 times out of will be wrong.  The depths things go here wooo...yes the next few episodes heh, as we have been saying NOW things get really good...GL good...
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