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 I&squot;m sorry, but it&squot;s ridiculous that this guy&squot;s title is actually "the fuhrer."
 I'm sorry, but it's ridiculous that this guy's title is actually "the fuhrer."

Let this be a demonstration of the value of persistence. I stopped watching FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST: BROTHERHOOD for this column back in August because I got to the end of the DVD sampler I’d been given.  Since I wasn’t especially enamored with the show and I really didn’t want to watch the rest of the series - - all 50 odd episodes of it - - on subbed You Tube streamers, I opted to start watching COWBOY BEBOP instead. Many of you were horrified over this turn of events.  

“But… but… but you’re stopping when it’s just getting good!” you wailed in desperation.  

I’ve been bugged about this, on-and-off, for the past month and half. SamJaz was definitely the most vocal out of the bunch. He got me to finally acquiesce. We’ll see how long this’ll go for. I’m not making guarantees. I’d really prefer to watch anime on my DVD player while lying on my couch… not while I’m hunched over the same computer I work at all day. So, you can start making bets on how long I’ll last. 

Now, about the episode…

My first thought is that watching this subbed after 13 dubbed episodes really makes me think of SNK fighters. It’s some elusive combination of power moves and guttural Japanese intonation. Go figure.

 And I still remember what lurks underneath that loincloth.
 And I still remember what lurks underneath that loincloth.

I didn’t have much trouble picking up after the cliffhanger from last episode. Al getting hijacked by a goon whose walking around inside him - - a goon who gets maimed into a squirting, bloody mess while still inside him - - is one of those wonderfully wicked moments of surrealism that I rarely find outside of anime.

So the fuhrer (I still can’t believe they insist on calling him that) is actually one of the homunculi, huh? Definitely couldn’t have called that. The reveal of that oroboros in his uncovered eye was a gasp-inducer. It certainly makes the conspiracy a lot more interesting. I can see now why everybody was wailing about the show getting good with this episode. I'll say, though... once I knew that he was a sin, I pegged him as Wrath. He didn’t seem ostentatious enough to be Pride, you know?  

Watching him put the high holy hurt on Greed throughout this episode was wickedly entertaining, too. Oh boy, the gimp had it coming!

Minimal super-deformity… basically no slapstick… higher amounts of intrigue… a greater density of brutal fights… alright, you lunatics, I’m hooked again. Bring on episode #15.

Watch this episode, “Those Who Lurk” below, make your own decision and then read my comments on the previous episode, from all the way back, right here.  


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FMA - Martel
FMA - Martel
I liked Martel. She was a cool character who was certainly nice to look at. It's funny. I actually think that one of the reasons why I'm not all that interested in starting to watch the Brotherhood version of this series is because it will means watching Martel just get killed over again. Mind you, it's a very tiny part, but apart none the less.
So much potential in a cool female character wasted so quickly. I even did some fan art of her. I'm particularly proud of this image.
I do find it much nicer watching anime on my flat screen television. It is so much better watching Code Geass on that TV than my computer screen. Still, FUNimation does a really good in offering their series online. 
There have been a few animes that I used to watch but dropped part of the way through. Mostly just Naruto and Bleach. I know they are still offered online, but I just don't care enough to watch to start up again. Not to mention VIZ is bringing the animes to the US. Funny thing, that fact alone almost makes me want to start watching those series again, but only in fansubs. Just to spite VIZ
What I don't get is that you are so uncomfortable in the title Fuhrer, Tom. It's just a job title, and it's based around a European-esque civilization. I hate it when animes try and go all PC. Such as VIZ renaming God Eneru to Kami Eneru in One Piece. Another thing I respect about FUNimation. They keep series the way they were intended..... with a few exceptions.
I am a little curious if the anime version of this series makes the same changes VIZ does of removing the crucifixion of Greed.
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I am a little curious if the anime version of this series makes the same changes VIZ does of removing the crucifixion of Greed.    

He isn't on a crucifix but a giant log. He's tied up with chains and 4 swords keeping him in place. Oh, and I think you should pick the series up with this ep despite your worries of wasting time.

Tom, my reactions to this series are going right along with yours as I have not seen Brotherhood past the Watch & Learn. However, I have seen the original Fullmetal Alchemist and my first reactions to what happened in this episode were "Holy shit!" and "Damn!". There is now a lot more mystery to Father and the Sins-let alone what happened with Greed! I can't wait for the next ep and I still laughed at the slapstick because it's part of why I love the show.
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@FoxxFireArt Tom explained earlier that his issue was that the title "Fuhrer" is basically unique to Hitler.  It used to mean "leader" or "guide" in German; post WWII the "guide" meaning remains but basically no one uses it to mean "leader," at least not without certain connotations (Or so wikipedia says, anyway.), and in the English-speaking world it is basically synonymous with Hitler. 
That said, I think it's actually okay here, given that the government is essentially a military dictatorship, although that doesn't come up for a while explicitly.  But even here, we note that the head of state is a uniformed military officer.  We also know about the ethnic cleansing in Ishbal,'s not *that* out of place.  Something is rotten in the State of Denmark.  I mean Amestris.
 Also, I would have to say that despite the death of Martel, there is no shortage of awesome female characters in this series.  I'm thinking of Riza , Izumi , Olivier, etc.  I think part of this has to be attributed to the fact that the mangaka, Hiromu Arakawa, is a woman, which I don't think has been mentioned yet. 
FMA is a little slow to get moving, but I have to say that overall it's superbly tightly plotted, and consistently surprising.  That said, the next episode wasn't one of my favorites...too much exposition, or something. After that though, things get interesting very quickly.
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@sotyfan16 said:
" He isn't on a crucifix but a giant log. He's tied up with chains and 4 swords keeping him in place. Oh, and I think you should pick the series up with this ep despite your worries of wasting time. "
Those pansies. I am now curious if it aired that way in Japan, or is it was altered later for the US audiences. Still, that sounds better than what VIZ did to alter the artwork of that scene. That is the worst sin any publisher can do, as far as I'm concerned. They should never tamper with the artwork.
I get the 'why'. I'm more confused about why he would be so sensitive about it. It's not as if the series is portraying the Fuhrur as a good thing. It is a military dictatorship. The name is appropriate for the setting. I see it as being overly sensitive to be bothered by the fact they are just using the word.
A plus I will say for the original series is that they had a strong dub cast. I enjoyed their dub work more that the original Japanese voice actors. That's rare for me.
I know Fullmetal Alchemist has a lot of strong female characters, but for some reason I was really fond of Martel.
Riza Hawkeye is an interesting issue. Seeing how VIZ can't even keep her name straight. I've heard in some volumes they have published her name as "Liza". I swear, those people have the editing staff of a grade school drop out. They can't even keep a character's name straight. Scanlation can keep character's name straight.
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The Fuhrer was actually Pride in the first anime, hilariously, and you're right that he's such a freaking Wrath. You've now entered the true point of deviation from the two animes, as the Wrath from the first series was some kid with Ed's arm and leg who could alchemise stuff to his body. A power that kinda sucks in comparison to the shit in The Manga and Brotherhood.
I can guarantee that you will be determined to see this through to the end by the time you watch episode 18. From now on, expect your hated chibis and slapstick once every two or three episodes, if that. Make that NEVER once you reach the final arc.
Shit just got real.
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@FoxxFireArt: I can't speak for Tom, but many people feel the typical portrayal of Nazis in popular media and the borrowing of words and symbols from that time trivializes the real, historical Third Reich and its actions.  Basically, the real Nazis have gotten lost under a shroud of cartoony nonsense.
Regardless, this show is just full of awesome.
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Ah yes have we met Ed's teacher yet in this series?  Her introduction (which may be coming up soon can't remember) was oh so wonderfully funny and scary at the same time.  Yes I agree you will be unable to put this down may actually go out and buy the dubbed episodes if you have to have them (I'm a sub man myself though).  Shit definitly just got real...watching greed get beat up the way he did in this episode...was when I realized I was in for a VERY different ride than the first series (and a sooo much better one)
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it gets better, also after this you may want to watch the original anime.
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She's been around since like ep 7 of this series. Hell, she was even in the beginning of this one! I find her almost random spouts of blood quite gut-wrenching.
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they are playing this show dubbed on Adult Swim on Saturdays.
Granted they went back and have been replaying the first half of the series for awhile, but they should be catching back up soon
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You realize that "fuhrer" means leader in German, right? The world of Fullmetal is heavily influenced by European countries, particularly Germany, so it stands to reason they would use several German words and phrases. Why should this be a problem? Because of the possible parallels to Adolf Hitler? Yeah, those are SUPPOSED to be there.
And the title fits given the way Bradley is portrayed to several characters. He's supposed to be similar to a tyrant.
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I always been interested in this show.
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Ps, I've finished the entire series. Now, I'm just waiting for the BH Movie. Not to be mean or anything but, Why are you all discussing a series that finished already? I mean, For real if you just want to see it and understand it just watch it from the anime to the manga. 
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@abysofpride: Because Tom, and many of the people here, haven't seen Brotherhood.
I've seen it, and that's why I kept pestering Tom about it. I enjoy reading his articles.
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