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  Alas, poor Hughes, we hardly knew thee...
 Alas, poor Hughes, we hardly knew thee...

You know, for a character named “ Lust,” this chick really doesn’t use her dangerous curves that much outside of wearing a cocktail dress on all occasions. Gluttony? He eats people. He’s a glutton. Envy? He/she assumes other’s appearances, presumably because he/she is envious of them. But Lust? She’s got killer claws and an imperviousness to headwounds, but she’s neither a raging nympho nor much of seductress and thus… not especially lustful. Maybe they’re just leaving room for fanfic writers.

I wonder if Hughes’ murder can be chalked up to him simply not have the sense to close the door on what should’ve been a private conversation. Well, he probably would’ve killed anyway, but I imagine that the phonebooth being shut would’ve at least added enough intermediate steps to Envy’s psych-out for him to get a few words in with Mustang. You know… first Envy would have to knock on the glass. Then, Hughes could pretend not to hear him/her. Then, he could deliberately take his time opening the door, acting like it was jammed, and so on. By the time they got to whole “mole giveaway” he definitely would’ve been on the line.

Huh… I just had a morbid thought about that whole scene being some elaborate plug for AT&T. Switch to their services now and you probably won’t get shot before you connect.

Maybe this is a far-out, wacko theory, but I’m starting to suspect that the upper echelons of the state alchemists are up to no good. The high-ranking eyepatch guy did a horrible job of trying to play off any nefarious ties with the Philosopher's Stone. “You better not tell anybody or I’ll kill… just kidding! ” No no no... not smooth enough on the downplay, my friend. I suspect you, now,  and so do they.

Watch this episode “Separate Destinations” below and decide for yourself, then go ahead and read my comments on the previous episode here.



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Wouldn't that have been horrible? Even if he closed the booth door, she would have killed him before all of the pre-message crap finished playing. 
On your theory about the military above, I'll go ahead and quote the state: "No comment". Of-course the state are all good guys. What kind of anime was ever interesting that involved nefarious and deviant people in-power? ;)
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Lust's namesake comes into play soon enough. 
Hughe's death was worse in the original series, where we had about 24-ish episodes to grow to love him. Again, first 13 episodes of brotherhood were rushed and you miss a lot of the effect. It was supposed to be akin to Kamina's death, but not as painful nor shocking.
Fuher Bradley is just a total badass. No one will be able to say otherwise without lying. 
And I'm actually interested to hear what theories you have on what the other four sins will be? Because they turn up, but I want to hear your predictions. The first anime series got them WAY off.
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People really need to understand that Hughes is not really an important character in the manga, his death is only meant as a catalyst for further events.  Also, he was dead in the manga before the 2003 series even started airing, as he first appears in chapter 6 (investigating the Tucker bodies), and dies in 15. 9 chapters, 9 months.  And he's not really in all of those chapters.  So even if the pace was slowed down in Brotherhood, he'd still be dead by episode 14 at the most.  With no extra scenes.  Pretty much all of his scenes in the beginning of the manga have been seen.
I really need to clarify all this, because people LOVE to complain about how Hughes gets shafted in Brotherhood.  And I'm sure they'll start on here, too.
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I liked Hughes, too, and I agree with SamJaz that the original FMA made you like him more. Things are really heating up in Central as the underlings are doing research on top-secret topics. Bradley plays things cool as he is around when he needs to be, but what does he do the rest of the time? Well, 54 more eps to find that one out this time around. It's a real shame that the Elric brothers have no idea what has happened in their absense. I think Hughes would still be alive if they were still there. And Mustang has got a lot of work to do if he wants to be Fuhrer and solve the mystery of the Philosopher's Stone.

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@rubberluffy: I agree. His death was meant to be like Kamina's. But the original anime made you like him more.
Why I say that the best way to enjoy FMA is to watch the first 28 episodes of the first anime so you love the characters and everything's set up, but then you need to forget everything and watch Brotherood for the REAL story.
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Hughes death is really less about the whole shock of it all, and more about the why, what and how of it.  Why are the homunculi casually strolling around Central, even inside military buildings?  What did Hughes discover that would lead to them having to eliminate him?  How will Mustang, his best friend, be affected?  
It is not that I dislike Hughes.  It is just that in the actual story of FMA, he's not important, but the aftermath of it all is.  Also, have you read the His Battlefield Once More side-story?   It is probably the best piece of Hughes related story in the series.  I really hope they animate it, like they've done some of the other side-stories for the dvd releases.
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I observe of all series, I very much like a cartoon film.
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Yeah, they really didn't hide the military coverup conspiracy very well in the beginning. 
And I also think that phone booth scene could have went a lot better, but for convenience of plot it had to be written that way.
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See...this whole debate right here is why direct adaptations of manga are problematic. Manga is a very different medium, and storytelling works differently in-print than it does on-screen. So yeah, Hughes dying early is "more accurate" to the original...but that's not the end-all-be-all. 
People also love to complain about how astray from the manga the original went, but in-truth, it told its story more effectively, and with more character and emotion than even most of the manga itself had. Yeah, the ending was weird, but I think it's underrated by people and fitting (just not the fairytale ending that some fans's not always happily ever after). So in that regard, I think the entire concept for Brotherhood...while cool, was mistaken to stay so close to the original. I think there's a happy medium that's unexplored.
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The plan for Brotherhood was to animate the manga, just not 1:1.  It does it well.  I've watched Brotherhood all the way through a few times and read the manga all the way through a few times.  I have no real complaints outside of maybe episode 30.  BONES had a budget and a plan.  Why waste time animating a ton of filler when things were tight as it is?  They were planning from the start for a 50-ish episode run (like every show they've ever done) and were then given up to 63 episodes and THEN were given one more episode.  And they were very close near the end, which is why the last few episodes are clearly based on rough drafts and not the actual chapters.
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@rubberluffy: The pacing isn't my problem. I can forgive those issues (partly because ALL Bones shows have pacing issues). 
But the comedic timing doesn't work. The odd slapstick isn't working. The contorted animations aren't working. In that regard, this show IS working on a 1:1 scale, and is mistaken in doing so. And my point was only that it wouldn't have been so terrible if they wanted to take some liberties with some of the maybe keeping Hughes around longer and giving him more to work with like the original. I just think it was a bit of a flawed idea in the first place. Sounds cool on-paper, but the devil's in the details.
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