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Topic started by gia on May 14, 2009. Last post by shonen 5 years, 10 months ago.
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So, I forgot to mention this last night, but I've decided to try moving the FMA watching thread party to the evening to see if that makes more people available for it. Obviously that means we won't be watching it the split second it comes online, but here's the idea:

BE HERE at 8pm Pacific/10pm Central/11pm Eastern. There will be a watching thread. Comment there while watching the new FMA: Brotherhood ep on FUNimation's site.

If enough people comment on THIS post and tell me they'll be participating, I MAY have a special quickie giveaway within the party thread. If this giveaway happens it will be between 8 and 9pm Pacific (10-11C, 11-12E). Seeya then!
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SO where does this one start out? From the beginning or from ep 16 (is that the right one?) I'm pretty sure i'm caught up.
Post by Schwindelmagier (314 posts) See mini bio Level 6
Ah! An evening viewing party means no waking up earlier! (Atleast for me) Good idea Gia! ^^
Post by Sillyfaerie (13 posts) See mini bio Level 1
I may be able to attend from work, although interruptions are commonplace.
Post by Schwindelmagier (314 posts) See mini bio Level 6
I won't be able to attend tonight due to me watching the Supernatural season finale but I shall definitely try my best to be here in the future viewing parties to come.
Post by shonen (846 posts) See mini bio Level 10
Sorry to be off topic but has anyone reported on the live action Gokusen movie coming out in japan. Theirs a website on the internet dedicated to upcoming flicks across the world also keep your eyes peeled for the UK flick "Lesbian Vampires" its suppose to be a comedy much like Shaun of the dead.
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