Is truth basically God in fullmetal alchemist brotherhood

Topic started by samuka on Oct. 5, 2013. Last post by DBZ_universe 1 year, 5 months ago.
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it was said that he is God but is he

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@samuka: Yes, Truth is God. It is an Omnipotent being.

It is Multiversal since it also would be one with the Gate. I say Multiversal because of the Gate being connected in 3 universes. This are the Universes.

  • Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood/manga
  • Full Metal Alchemist 2003
  • Our Universe (which is what's in the other side of the "Gate of Truth")

Truth also claims to be everyone and the Universe itself but since there is more then 1 Universe in FMA then he could be Multiversal since FMAB/manga and FMA 2003 are two different universes including ours.

I hope this makes sense..

Also I made a topic of this over a year ago.

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Yeah. He should be very very powerful. I just wondered why there's a seemingly multiversal character, and everyone else aside from the top Homunculus are street level. Lol.
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@DBZ_universe: And Gluttonys stomach, the area in which Alchemists see the Truth. Alchemy is harnessing nature (A.K.A The Truth). The three alchemic laws are also a natural part of nature, in which Ed & Al state the planet is also a part of in the flow of the Milky Way and the Universe. I could go on.

@taichokage: Pride would be town level & Father is country level, possibly planet level in his God form.

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@taichokage: Lol. But yeah Pride could be at town, and Envy as well due to it's size.

@KingOfAsh: I forgot about Gluttony's failed gate. Also Father would indeed be planet in God form.

Actually I was reading and Roy could be a city buster IMO.

remember how he blow up Envy with the water? He could do the same in a rainy city by transmuting the air particles then throws fire and kaboom!

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