Funimation hit again...

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So ANN is reporting that once again Funimation's video files have been pulled from their servers early.

So this leads to one of two things...
1. An inside job
2. They never fixed the "security" hole
3. Someone hacked their server (unlikely)

With #1, some disgruntled employee could very well have released it early that is really simple. With #2, they never fixed the issue that got us here in the first place which (assuming) was just simple guessing of where the video file was on the server (and thus unprotected). So, what did we learn again Funimation? Don't put files on publicly accessible servers (even if there are no links to it, people can still download it!). 

Here's a tip from the fansubbers that would be useful...they tag their files with a hash tag at the end of their files like:

[I'm a bad fansubber]_FMAB_01_720p_[H4398xXK].mkv

Instead of (assuming) Funimation is putting it like this:

So, here's to hoping Funimation fixes this and that they are not royally screwed for future simlucasts, because honestly, they've done a pretty damn good job especially with putting them on other (IMO, better) video services like Hulu.

What do you think the consequinces of THIS leak will be? Phantom has been leaked before, but this is the first time for FMA:B which is, to put it lightly, a high profile series.
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