FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST #1 - - Special Review

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Gonna leap into the fray and offer some back-up to here. It's no secret to anyone that's read my OTAKU COMING HOME features that I love FMA in all its incarnations (manga, original series, and BROTHERHOOD).

While I disagree with his critique of BROTHERHOOD and the original manga, is right that the original FMA has the simple benefit of offering a different take on the story. Do I like it better than BROTHERHOOD? Nah, but I enjoyed it immensely and respect Studio BONES for the work they did, ending included.

And speaking of that work, I see a lot of people who prefer BROTHERHOOD solely because it's "true to the manga," but do keep in mind that Arakawa specifically wanted the first series to deviate from her work (which was also still in-progress at the time). I don't think it's fair to fault the original series for its differences when the mangaka neither had the material to provide BONES, nor the inclination to have the series follow her work.

For , my advice would be to seek out the subs - I wasn't a huge fan of the dub in either series, but the original was pretty much the pits. Watch it all the way through or pick up where the biggest deviations occur, it's your call, but if you like the franchise it's probably not something to be written off.

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@J_D90 said:

So Should I check out Brotherhood even after Ive seen the original series and its sequel film?

They are two different takes on the same content. If you like the basic elements of the world and the Elrics, you'll probably like Brotherhood as well and you have the bonus that you're not getting a remake, you're getting a completely new and different story set in that world.

and others, I never meant disrespect to the manga author. I probably said it in a fanboy rage but what I meant was that I think people elevate these writers to god like levels that they simply aren't at when they completely dismiss anything not written by a comic writer as bad by default. Very few people slamming the original bring up stuff like characters, acting, music, etc (ie things that would actually impact the quality of an anime series). The stance is always that, "it wasn't written by a comic book writer therefore it is worse."

All of my comments about an action series for 13-year-olds wasn't meant to draw a difference between either anime series or the manga and say that one is and one isn't, but to exaggerate how kinda crazy it is to say that anything not written in an action series for 13-year-olds must be bad by default.

There are tons of examples of things not being written by comic book writers but still turning out pretty damn good when turned into movies or tv series.

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@MsDiva: I'm glad I'm not the only one in the universe who feels that way. I don't hate Brotherhood or anything, I just don't understand where all this hate for the original is coming from. Is it because it wasn't the same as the manga? Is it because Brotherhood is newer and boasts flashier animation? Is it because of the ending? None of those strike me as very good reasons, and so far no one has been able to give me a good argument for why Brotherhood is the superior version. I don't understand.

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