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Mitsuki is a 12 year old girl that values her singing voice. Unfortunately, Mitsuki is diagnosed with throat cancer. Still, Mitsuki will not risk losing her voice and thus rejects surgery. She wishes to be a famous singer to reunite with her childhood love who moved away.

Mitsuki Koyama is twelve, in love with her childhood friend Eichi, and dreams of becoming a singer. Then she finds she has throat cancer-a malignant tumor that prevents her from singing above a whisper. Two strange beings show up and inform her that they are angels of death and she has one year to live. But Takuto and Meroko are moved by her passionate desire to become a famous singer before her time runs out and decide to help her. Disguising themselves as a bunny and a cat in the best tradition of magical girl shows, they enable her to transform into a 16-year-old idol singer so that she can try for stardom before her last year elapses.

This is by no means the first show in which a pretty girl comes with a time limit attached, nor the first in which an idol singer's desperation for attention gains a life or death element-consider Limit the Miracle Girl and Key the Metal Idol. Nor is its gloomy premise unfamiliar on Japanese television, since every TV season sees at least one youthful protagonist staring death in the face, particularly in imitation of another combination of death and pop music, 1998's Please God! Just A Little More Time (*DE). This could have been another thoroughly depressing show, since it never tries to fudge the fact that its perky heroine is going to die, but the bickering between hunky Takuto and besotted Meroko provide comic relief and Mitsuki's determination to make the most of what she has keeps the tone upbeat. The series is based on the manga by Arina Tanemura, creator of Kamikaze Thief Jeanne, and spun off a "special" Cute Cute Adventure (2002), a gift to Ribon magazine readers. This comic snippet shows Takuto and Meroko getting left behind as Mitsuki rushes to a photo shoot and the obstacles they have to overcome to catch up with her.

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Name Full Moon
Name: 満月(フルムーン)をさがして
Romaji: Full Moon wo Sagashite
Publisher ?
Start Year 2002
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Aliases Searching for the Full Moon
Until the Full Moon
Looking for the Full Moon
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