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Full Course Menu is a Gourmet Hunter's dream menu consisting of eight courses: Hors d'Oeuvre, Soup, Salad, Fish Dish, Meat Dish, the Main Course, the Dessert, and a Drink.


Gourmet Hunters' Menus


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreBB Corn30
SoupCentury Soup60
Fish Dish
Meat Dish
Main CourseGODUnknown
DessertRainbow Fruit12
DrinkBillion Bird EggUnknown


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'Oeuvre
SoupLee Dragon's Tears21
Fish DishBreo Swordfish18
Meat DishG2 Phoenix25
Main Course
SaladNeo Tomato12
DessertDomlom Fruit30


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreBeautiful Skin Caviar30
SoupCharis Lobster Soup19
Fish DishSkin Whitening Tuna25
Meat DishPerfect Beauty Cattle21
Main CourseJewel Meat48
SaladMochi Skin Bean Sprout15
DrinkCharis Dragon Scale Sake35


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreKishin Intestines91
SoupEquator Soup87
Fish Dish
Meat DishBBQ IslandImmeasurable
Main Course
DessertDaruma Hermit's TributeImmeasurable
DrinkMellow Cola92


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreLiquor Stealing Escargot28
SoupLiquor Shell Soup25
Fish DishBacchus Shark31
Meat DishDrunkard Frenzy Cattle30
Main CourseBacchus Dragon37
SaladBacchus Onion15
DessertDrunkard Melon19
DrinkBacchus Whale Sea Water33


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreGolden Salmon Roe2
SoupSnake Toad Liver1
Fish DishStriped SalmonLess than 1
Meat DishCrab Pig8
Main CourseBaby Garara GatorLess than 5
SaladAlmond CabbageLess than 1
DessertWhite AppleLess than 1
DrinkEnergy HennessyUnknown


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreModest Grass1
SoupGraceful Soup1
Fish DishFrugal Sardine2
Meat DishCharm Pig2
Main CourseSimplicity Rice1
SaladInexhaustible Potato1
DrinkQuiet Tea1


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreCENTERUnknown
Fish DishANOTHERUnknown
Meat DishNEWSUnknown
Main CourseGODUnknown


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreMillion Tree's SeedUnknown
SoupChameleon's TearUnknown
Fish DishMitarashi KelpUnknown
Meat DishSurvival BugUnknown
Main CourseBillion BirdUnknown
SaladPrincess Straw GrainUnknown
DessertDry MelolonUnknown
DrinkLord Roasted MochiUnknown


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreHundred Leaf Clover Crispy Fried Sesame TofuUnknown
SoupMagma Consomme StewUnknown
Fish DishKing Land Shark Grilled SushiUnknown
Meat DishAshurasaurus Roast4220
Main CourseE.T Rice OmusubiUnknown
SaladGrana Lettuce Caesar SaladUnknown
DessertOasis Melon SorbetUnknown
DrinkDoham Spring SakeUnknown

Chef's Menus

Tengu Brunch

CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreHuman-Faced Mushroom Pickles90
SoupKappa Fossil Soup81
Fish DishStarfish Orochi Giblets95
Meat DishSmoked Oni Troll89
Main CourseSatan's Cheek Meat StewUnknown
SaladHell Shop Meal Salad72
DessertSpotted Sea Cucumber PuddingUnknown
DrinkTears of the Dores ClanUnknown


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvrePuffer Whale Dried Poison Sack29
SoupPoisonous Plant Pottage30
Fish DishPoison Turtle Grill35
Meat DishDeath Cattle Wine33
Main CoursePoison King Instant-Kill Meat49
SaladTetra Cheese Poison Salad27
DessertPoison Apple Ice III19
DrinkPoison Lemonade22


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvrePlumb Oil Nattou5
SoupOily Sardine Fish Dumpling Soup9
Fish DishLow-Fat Clam Sakamushi8
Meat DishOil Cattle Simple Hamburg Steak17
Main CourseOil Chicken Saute20
SaladOlive Tomato Green Perilla Salad4
DessertRice Flour Dumpling Sweet Red-Bean Soup3
DrinkGolden Oil28


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreDeep Fried Devil Gecko42
SoupSquirming Mega Maggot Soup35
Fish DishSea Piranha Eaten Alive26
Meat DishLong-Armed Goblin Right-Brain31
Main CourseAlien Golem Raw Liver45
SaladSpotted Tarantula Mud Salad15
DessertCentipede Sea Cucumber Innards Pudding12
DrinkSea Urchin Soft-Shelled Turtle Body-Fluid28


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreDon Clam Grandpa Stew18
SoupGrandpa's Grandpa's Era Hodgepodges SoupUnknown
Fish DishNo-Sleep Octopus Boil30
Meat DishAutumn Colors Cattle Beef Sinew Stew25
Main CourseGen-chan Special OdenUnknown
SaladOtsumami Red Seaweed Salad11
DessertSnow Hanpen Red Bean Soup13
DrinkDaiginjou "Gen"Unknown


CourseIngredientCapture Level
Hors d'OeuvreMaple Tuna Carpaccio20
SoupRyuuguu Clam Soup22
Fish DishCreamed Flower Salmon11
Meat DishDeep Sea Mammoth Grill27
Main CourseEmpress Tuna Sashimi29
SaladSnow Shrimp Potato Salad7
DessertSugar Jellyfish Jelly9
DrinkRed Salt Wine18
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1st manga book: Toriko #1
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