Fujimi High School

Fujimi High School is a anime/manga location
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The standard high school is the setting for the first few episodes/chapters of Highschool of the Dead. A normal day at the school turns into a pool of chaos and death as the zombie outbreak transfers to the school.


Highschool of the Dead Vol. 1 JPN (2007)
Highschool of the Dead Vol. 1 JPN (2007)

The location of Fujimi High School is the titular high school of the Highschool of the Dead(HOTD) series that was written by Daisuke Sato and illustrated by Shouji Sato. The series first began serialization in Fujimi Shobo's Monthly Dragon Age magazine in July 2006. It first appeared in Hightschool of the Dead Volume 1 CH. 1 "Spring of the Dead", and the anime appearance was in High School of the Dead - Episode 1 "Spring of the Dead". The school is the first location to be seen in the series and it located in the fictional Japanese city of Tokonosu. After the cast escape in Volume 1, it rarely reappears in flashbacks.

The school was named after the publisher of the magazine that distributes the series in Dragon Age magazine.


Fujimi High School
Fujimi High School

The characters from the HOTD series that were located at Fujimi High School were either teachers or students. The teachers were the first to be infected by Them ( zombies) and it quickly spread from there. The school went into chaos. Only two teachers and twelve students survived to escape. Three were unnamed. This group escaped together using the school's minibus, but soon separated into two factions. First are the members of Team Takashi, who are out to find their families; and the second is the cult of the Order of Shidou, who believe that can take over the new world.



(Status upon the escape)

Major Events

Spring of the Dead

Hayashi-sensei is attacked by Tejima
Hayashi-sensei is attacked by Tejima

In the spring and the cherry blossoms filled the trees, Takashi Komuro was avoiding class as he was sulking about his childhood friend and love, Rei Miyamoto, dumped him of one of his own friends, Hisashi Igou. He suddenly noticed a suspicious man staggering to get through the school's gate. This caught the attention of several teachers who went to warn the man to leave. Tejima grabbed the man and bashed him into the iron bars of the gate, then this person grabbed the teacher and bit off a large chunk of his arm. The other teachers tried to stop the bleeding, but he soon died. They were shocked to see the he died from such a wound then his eyes opened again. He rose up and attacked Kyoko Hayashi, killing her as well. Takashi witnessed this attack and ran in to get Rei and Hisashi joined them in leaving the class. He told them about the attack, and Rei tried to call the police. It was fruitless since 110 (Japanese 911) was overloaded with calls. An announcement about an incident at the front gate was now being announced over the school's PA system. The announcer tried to give a warning, but everyone listened as he was also attacked and killed. The school went into a riot to escape and people were trampling over each other. This only added to the chaos and the outbreak of Them increased. Saya Takagi led Kohta Hirano away from the herd.

Hisashi had the idea to try and escape through the faculty section of the building, since it was less populated; but they were cut off by one of the teachers who had been changed. Rei fought him off by stabbing him in the heart with the broom handle she was using as a spear, but it didn't kill him. She was knocked down, and Hisashi grabbed the mad teacher to save her. The changed teacher head suddenly twisted and bit into Hisashi's arm, through his clothes. Takashi then moved in and bashed the teacher's head in with a bat. It was then that they realized that only crushing their head could kill these undead. Hisashi now suggested they shelter themselves at the roof's observatory.

Fujimi High School swarmed by Them
Fujimi High School swarmed by Them

Takashi, Rei, and Hisashi ran through a group of Them and barricaded the stairs with furniture. Looking down on the chaos of the school, Hisashi could only describe these creatures as "Them". He knew it was too late for him since he had been bitten and didn't want to turn into one of them. He asked Takashi to help him drop off the roof, but Rei refused to allow it. Before Takashi could help, Hisashi coughed up blood and soon died. Takashi tried to get her to move away form him so he could bash his head in to prevent a change, but once more Rei refused. She wouldn't believe he could change since he was special. Hisashi rose and she thought he was fine, but he had changed. Takashi yanked her away, and despise Rei's screaming he rushed in the killed Takashi. Morning over her boyfriend, Rei said she didn't want to live after watching Hisashi's change, and she even accused his jealousy as to why he killed him. She then panicked when Takashi moved to leave at fight Them. She grabbed him, apologizing; and begged him to stay.

Back in the school, the doctor of the school, Shizuka Marikawa, was trying her best to tend to the injured, but they would just die and change. The infirmary was soon broken into and Kazu Ishii tried to defend Shizuka. He was bitten in the process and Shizuka was rescued by the appearance of the Kendo Captain, Saeko Busujima. Quickly she killed all of Them with strikes to the head. She praised Kazu for his bravery and warned him about the dangers of being bitten. She asked him if he wished her to end his life before the change. With a smile he accepted and she quickly crushed his skull in with her bokken. She and Shizuka moved to the faculty office to get her car keys.

Kohta Hirano's modified nail gun
Kohta Hirano's modified nail gun

Saya had led the timid Kohta into the school's Shop Class to find weapons. Kohta's personality had a drastic changed as he modified a nail gun into a makeshift rifle. Brimming with confidence now that he had a weapon, he made short work of the Them that soon broke in with a shot to the head. At the roof, Rei had the idea of using the fire hose to create a path through the undead.

Some time later, Rei tried calling her father, with Takashi's cellphone, using a secret number he gave her. The call went through, but he couldn't hear a word she said for some reason. Rei's father, Tadashi Miyamoto, thought he was talking to Takashi and warned them them about what was going on. As they moved through the school, they heard Saya Takagi's scream and rushed to help. They ran into Saeko with Shizuka and helped Kohta to kill the undead that surrounded them. Using teamwork, they were quickly killed off.

Escape from the Dead

Team Takashi is formed
Team Takashi is formed

Once everyone was safe, they made it to the faculty office. Shizuka reached for her keys but remembered she has a compact car that wouldn't fit them all. Saeko suggested they use the school's minibus. Rei's attention was drawn to the TV that was showing news of the outbreak through the rest of the city, but reporting is as riots. Saya explained that it was to avoid inciting panic. The TV then started to report how the world is reporting chaos throughout the streets.

The group knew they had to escape and the plan was to first find their families before they looked for safety. Team work was going to be needed, so they officially banded together for the same goal. They found some more student survivors to join them, but found the exit was blocked by Them. Saya explained that she discovered through earlier testing that they were possibly blind but are drawn to sound, and Takashi volunteered to test this. He quietly walked into the middle of the crowd and went unnoticed. he lured them away by throwing a nearby shoe. The group quickly moved for teh bus, but one of the students accidentally knocked the metal pole he was holding into the railing. The sound was loud enough to echo through the school and draw the attention of the undead. The team now made a mad rush for the bus and a few of them were caught. Takuzou tried to tell his girlfriend, Naomi, to run for safety but she refused. Rather than live without him, she purposely ran back to him though it meant her sure death.

Takashi and the rest of his group reached the bus, but before they could drive away his attention was drawn by other survivors who were calling out for them to wait. When Saeko mentioned the teacher with them was Koichi Shidou, she demanded Takashi leave them to die. He didn't understand the rage in her eyes. One of Shidou's group fell and broke his ankle, and rather than help the boy Shidou kicked him in the face and left him behind, saying the weak didn't belong in the new world. He and the rest of his group climbed on the bus. and Shizuka was the driver and steeled herself to remember that these things were no longer humans as she started driving through them. When she picked up enough speed, she broke through the locked gate and were now heading deeper into Tokonosu City. Rei then told Takashi that he would surely regret saving that Shidou.

General Information Edit
Location Name Fujimi High School
Japanese Name: 藤美学園高等学校
Romaji Name: fujimi gakuen koutougakkou
Aliases Fujimi Academy
1st manga book: Highschool of the Dead #1
1st anime episode: Highschool of the Dead #1
1st anime movie:
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