Fujiko Mine

Fujiko Mine is a anime/manga character in the Case Closed franchise
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Fujiko Mine is the ever sly and sultry femme fatale to the master thief Lupin III. She's the one woman in the world who has the ability and the body to make a fool out of him.


Fujiko is a cat-burglar and thief by trade who is from Japan. Her relationship/rivalry with the great thief Arsène Lupin III has been eventful for the pair. She's occasionally hired by clients to steal either treasure or information, bu t sometimes she just takes for the fun.


Lupin III Vol. 1 (Sep 1974)
Lupin III Vol. 1 (Sep 1974)

Fujiko Mine is a main character from the Lupin III series that was created by Monkey Punch. Lupin III first appeared in Futabasha's seinen magazine Weekly Manga Action on August 10, 1967 through to 1972. The second series, Lupin III: World's Most Wanted, was serialized in the same magazine from 1977-1981. Monkey Punch has described the tenuous relationship between Fujiko and Lupin by describing it as "they enjoy each other" and compared it to his own marriage.

Fujiko's name literally translates to "twin peaks of Fuji". This is a pun of her generously proportioned bust, which has been the only standard feature in her designs through the decades.

Her first appearance was in Lupin III Vol. 1 Ch. 3 "Mystery Woman", and her first anime appearance was in Lupin III - Episode 1 "Is Lupin Burning...?!". She's been voiced by various actresses throughout the long run of the various Lupin III anime.

Japanese Actresses:

  • Eiko Masuyama (1969; 1977-1985; 1989-2010)
  • Yukiko Nikaido (1971)
  • Mami Koyama (1987)
  • Miyuki Sawashiro (2011-present)

English Actresses:

  • Corinne Orr (Toho)
  • Edie Mirman (Streamline)
  • Michele Seidman (AnimEigo)
  • Toni Barry (Manga UK)
  • Dorothy Elias-Fahn (Manga)
  • Meredith McCoy (FUNimation)
  • Michelle Ruff (Geneon)

During a 2007 poll held in the Oricon magazine, readers had been asked which character they would most like to see have their own featured series. Among the female readers, Fujiko ranked at number seven, and took fifth place in the overall votes. In that same year, Oricon asked readers who was the most beautiful woman in all of manga. Fujiko took first place among both male and female voters. Mania.com recognized Fujiko as the second most iconic female manga character.

In 2012, Fujiko took on the starring role of her own Lupin III spin-off called Lupin III: The Woman Called Fujiko Mine. The series first began airing in April 3, 2012.

Character Evolution

Fujiko Mine is the only member of the reoccurring main cast from the Lupin III series that has had major redesigns through the different iteration of the series. The only standard feature is the enormous breasts that she's famous for. She's more shown having long brown hair and brown eyes. The episodic nature of the manga series, her appearances have been treated as her first.

Fujiko is not considered part of Lupin's main game and is often pitted against him for the same goal. Her personality has been frequently depicted as superficial and greedy. Though, she more often teams up with them in the end. She's been very promiscuous through the series and sleeping with other men to gather information. This is actually similar to Lupin womanizing ways from the original manga. In fact, it should be noted that Lupin and Fujiko frequently slept together in the manga. It was the anime productions that had Lupin coming on to Fujiko but almost never succeeding.

Despite Fujiko's frequent treachery, she's always been concerned about Lupin's safety and has shown to even love him, but only admitting so when she believed one or the both of them were near death. In the instances that she's honestly thought Lupin has died. She has broken down crying and calling out unashamedly that she feels that she can go on without him. However, this honest admission of her feelings never lasts once she finally sees he's alive.

Major Story Arcs

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General Information Edit
Name: Fujiko Mine
Name: 峰 不二子
Romanji: Mine Fujiko
Gender: Female
1st manga book: Lupin III #1
1st anime episode: Lupin III #1
1st anime movie: Lupin III: Mystery of Mamo
Aliases Fujicakes
Recent Movies
Lupin III: Mystery of Mamo

The first feature length film based on Lupin the 3rd to be released in Japanese theatres.

Lupin III: Strange Psychokinetic Strategy

Lupin the Third: Farewell to Nostradamus

After Lupin steals a diamond in Brazil, it leads him into the machinations of a bizarre cult based around the prophecies of Nostradamus. The cult ...

Lupin III: Dead Or Alive

Lupin is after the treasure of the country of Zufu.

The Secret of twilight Gemini

Lupin III: The Fuma Conspiracy

This is a Lupin III OVA, where Goemon plans to get married, but his bride is kidnapped by the Fuma Clan who are after her ...

Lupin III: The Castle of Cagliostro

The second Lupin the 3rd film and arguably the most famous in the series. The movie is the first feature film directed by Hayao Miyazaki.

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