Fruits Basket #9 - Fruits Basket

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on

Plot Summary

Chapter 49
Despite the summer vacation, Yuki goes to school as he has to help with things as the student council's new president. At school, Yuki meets with Kakeru, his vice president, whose easygoing and self-centered attitude remind Yuki of Ayame and pushes the new president's buttons.

Chapter 50
Arisa comes across an older man named Kureno at a grocery store who clumsy and friendly demeanor reminds her of Tohru and she admits to have fallen for the guy when meeting with Saki and Tohru at a restaurant she has a part-time job at. Unbeknowst to Arisa however, Kureno is a Sohma deep within Akito's grasp.

Chapter 51
Saki's past is looked into as puts up with bullying for her gifts and the close bond she shares with her younger brother Megumi. When the bullying goes too far up to middle school, she moves to a new school where she encounters and befriends Tohru and Arisa.

Chapter 52
Tohru and Kyo pay a visit to Kazuma's house where the two visitors have to take over for cooking dinner for their visit when Kazuma nearly burns down his house from his lousy cooking preparations. While Kazuma admires the changes in Kyo, he is informed by his assistant Kunimitsu over a meeting with Kyo's estranged father who has his own selfish and dark desires for Kyo's future.

Chapter 53
Momiji makes a surprise visit to inform Tohru and the Sohma men at Shigure's house about an upcoming trip to a Sohma summer house that they are invited to. Meanwhile, Yuki becomes curious over the red cap in Tohru's bedroom while helping her with homework and Shigure gets a surprise visit from Isuzu seeking a favor from him.

Bonus: Rain Shelter of Terror
While stranded at school from the rain, Tohru, her friends, and the Sohma boys sit it out where Hatsuharu tells a scary story that does enough to creep mostly everyone in the room out.


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