Fruits Basket #7 - Fruits Basket

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 02/08/2005

Plot Summary

Chapter 37
With Kisa spending much of her time with Tohru, a jealous Hiro makes trouble for Tohru by stealing a notebook from her that contains a photo of her mother Kyoko.

Chapter 38
Hiro tags along with Kisa when she spends time with Tohru trying to discover what makes Tohru so special to the other Sohmas. Meanwhile, Hatori and Shigure discuss Hiro's troubles revolving around his love for Kisa that led to problems with Akito.

Chapter 39
With Tohru still using her bathing suit from middle school, Arisa and Saki decide to take Tohru out shopping for a new bathing suit she can have for the summer with Yuki and Kyo forced to tag along. Once the group is able to find a bathing suit, they go to a restaurant to eat. There, Arisa tells of her days as a delinquent where she talks about how she met up with Tohru and Kyoko.

Chapter 40
Arisa continues her story where she explains how she eventually warms up to the kindness of Tohru and Kyoko despite her earlier disgust with Kyoko settling down as a widowed mother.

Chapter 41
While being pestered by old delinquent rivals, Arisa's story continues where we see her disband from her gang of delinquents and become Tohru's first close friend.

Chapter 42
The Yuki Fan Club's president Motoko Minagawa attempts to force the student council to reveal next year's council members being threatened with women being in the council with Yuki as the council president. However, Motoko begins to question her love for Yuki as her final year in high school is coming to a close. Meanwhile, two new council members show to have an interest in both Yuki and Tohru.


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