Fruits Basket #6 - Fruits Basket

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 12/14/2004

Plot Summary

Chapter 31
With the amount of time Tohru's been with the Sohmas, she still doesn't know much of the personal hardships facing Yuki and Kyo. When Kagura pays a surprise visit to drag Kyo off on a date, Kazuma is observing the changes undergoing Kyo.

Chapter 32
Kazuma pays a visit to Shigure's house. Kyo, Kagura, and Yuki are glad to see him again. But with Kyo having the desire to return to his "shisho's" dojo to escape from what he has gained, Kazuma decides to test Tohru and Kyo's bond through one of the worst secrets of the Sohma curse that Kyo desperately tries to hide: the Cat's true form.

Chapter 33
With the Cat's true form revealed in front of Tohru, a frightened and traumatized Kyo runs off into the forest thinking that everything he ever cared for is now gone. Tohru chases after Kyo trying to prevent him from running away from everything he ever gained.

Chapter 34
While resting from what took place, Kyo recalls when Kazuma first adopted him after his mother's death gaining both happiness for finding someone who cared for him and sadness for thinking he burdened his "father" for being the outcast of the cursed Sohmas. When Kyo wakes up, he learns from Shigure that Kazuma had left leading the boy to chase after his master to confront him about his feelings.

Chapter 35
Following the events with Kyo, Tohru is unsure how to talk to the Sohmas about the situation so she chooses not to mention the subject. Meanwhile, a depressed Yuki is confronted by Haru over opening up to Tohru about his inner doubts.

Chapter 36
To better understand his older brother Ayame, Yuki pays a visit to his brother's clothing shop with Tohru. But from seeing the sight of Ayame in a wedding dress to the obsessive dressing of Ayame's assistant Mine, Yuki finds his tolerance tested until he is left alone in a heart-to-heart talk with Ayame.


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