Fruits Basket #5 - Fruits Basket

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 10/10/2004

Plot Summary

Chapter 25
Tohru, Shigure, Hatori, Yuki, and Kyo take a trip to a Sohma summer home where Tohru takes notice of Yuki and Kyo feeling gloomy around her and a legend about a fiercesome creature named "Jason" makes Tohru, Kyo, and Yuki uneasy as they walk through the forest together.

Chapter 26
Ayame makes a surprise appearance to the Sohma summer home, much to the annoyance of Yuki and Kyo. Besides the usual failed attempts at brotherly bonding with Yuki, Ayame has his reasons for coming to the summer home which involve Hatori and his ex-lover, Kana.

Chapter 27
As Yuki and Tohru are waiting out a downpour of rain, Haru runs into them carrying a tiger cub who is merely a transformed Kisa. Having been teased at school, Kisa has lost the ability to talk and kept herself away from home. Tohru and Yuki finds Kisa's situation to be similar to their own personal problems they faced in their pasts.

Chapter 28
With Kisa staying at Shigure's house and clinging to Tohru, Tohru and the Sohma boys think over how to assess Kisa's situation, especially when Haru informs them about a letter Kisa receives from her teacher that makes Yuki realize his own uncertainties.

Chapter 29

The Yuki Fan Club girls pay a visit to Saki's house so they can do an article covering her abilities. In reality, the girls are trying to find weaknesses to Saki that they can use to blackmail her so she can't come to Tohru's defense. However, the fan club girls get more than they bargain by meeting Saki's younger brother Megumi who makes the fan club girls and Saki realize their own selfishness regarding the ones they care for.

Chapter 30
Tohru winds up with a case of double bad luck when she has to retake a school exam that she failed and comes down with a cold that leaves her bedridden.


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