Fruits Basket #3 - Fruits Basket

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 06/08/2004

Plot Summary

Chapter 13
The high school is holding its annual endurance run which gets Kyo pumped in beating Yuki in the run. However, Yuki isn't quite feeling well yet reluctantly puts up with the race. Meanwhile, Haru pays a surprise visit during the race wishing to challenge Kyo to a fight, which unleashes the "Black" in Haru.

Chapter 14
Haru and Kyo are continuing their fight until an asthma attack from Yuki prompts the two brawlers to end their fight and get Yuki back to Shigure's house with Tohru accompanying them. While Shigure and Kyo head off to the school to report Yuki's problem, Haru and Tohru stay behind to look after Yuki where Haru tells Tohru about his bond with Yuki.

Chapter 15
Valentine's Day is around the corner and students are handing chocolates out early since the day of love will be on a Sunday. When Kyo realizes Valentine's Day is near, he attempts to ditch school in a panic until his plans are thwarted by the teacher. Later in the day, Kyo winds up getting chased by a love-crazed Kagura waiting at the school gate.

Later at Shigure's, Kagura is trying to talk Kyo into going on a date with her for Valentine's Day with no success. She then brings Yuki and Tohru into the situation saying that the two could tag along on a double date to make things more bearable. This makes Tohru go through an "emotional overload" which leads Kyo to cave in to the double date idea.

As Shigure muses over the slight ease in Kyo and Yuki's rivalry, Kyo angrily yells out that he hates Yuki. This drives Shigure to tell Kyo that he's afraid of admiting his real thoughts on the situation driving a distraught Kyo out of the house and Tohru to follow after Kyo to comfort him.

Chapter 16
While Kyo, Kagura, Tohru, and Yuki are off on their double date for Valentine's Day, Shigure pays a visit to Hatori at the main Sohma house where the two discuss Tohru's influence over Yuki and Kyo as well as some sinister plans that Shigure has with Tohru.

Chapter 17
After getting done with exams, Tohru gets in a chat with a teacher and meets up with Momiji at work who tells her that he has a present for her. Once back at Shigure's house, Momiji reveals that he plans to have Tohru spend two days at a Sohma hot springs resort as a present for White Day he will give to Tohru. Yuki and Kyo are also allowed to come on the trip.

Changing subjects, Shigure asks Tohru about her money situation as he got word from her grandfather about not paying a deposit for her class trip from last month. The Sohma men then realize that Tohru had spent much of her money covering the chocolates she bought her friends and the Sohmas for Valentine's Day. Kyo manages to barely keep his cool as he tells Tohru to take a bath.

Once Tohru's out of the room, Kyo angrily asks why Tohru was being so selfless with her money when she could buy things that could help her out. This leads Momiji to tell Yuki, Kyo, and Shigure a story he heard regarding a traveler whose personality bares a resemblance to Tohru's.

Chapter 18
Tohru, Momiji, Kyo, and Yuki pay a visit to a Sohma hot spring resorts where the not-so-weak concierge greets them, Yuki has a White Day present he wishes to give Tohru, and Momiji has some news that is bound to surprise Tohru and the two older boys.


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