Fruits Basket #2 - Fruits Basket

is a manga book published by Tokyopop that was released on 04/13/2004

Plot Summary

Chapter 7
Saki and Arisa pay a visit to Shigure's house to make sure that the Sohma boys are properly caring for Tohru.

Chapter 8
Tohru, Yuki, and Kyo's class prepare for the school's culture festival where Tohru learns of Kyo's thoughts regarding Yuki and comes across a foreign boy who does enough to fluster her.

Chapter 9
The culture festival is taking place at Tohru's school where two Sohma family members, Hatori and Momiji, pay a surprise visit.

Chapter 10
Tohru arrives at the main Sohma house where Hatori wishes to discuss some important matters concerning Akito and the zodiac curse with her.

Chapter 11
With New Year's around the corner, Shigure, Kyo, and Yuki have to leave for their family's New Year's banquet. Despite Kyo and Yuki's refusal to attend it, Tohru persuades the guys to go despite being left alone at the house for the holiday. However, an encounter with Saki could change Yuki and Kyo's thoughts about attending the banquet.

Chapter 12
Tohru and Hatori meet up with each other following New Year's. When Tohru gets distracted admiring the snowfall, she slips on some ice and Hatori winds up cushioning her fall before he transforms into a seahorse. While knocked out from the fall, Hatori recalls the love and sorrow from his relationship with Kana.


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