From Dusk 'Til Dawn

From Dusk 'Til Dawn is an anime episode of Dance in the Vampire Bund that was released on 02/11/2010

Mei Ren confronts Akira by explaining that Mina orchestrated the recent attacks targeting her to persuade him to be her only protector, causing Akira to start doubting and distrusting Mina after pondering about what Mei Ren said. He then finds out that Mina has Shinya in custody, in exchange for the mastermind controlling the prevention of the bill. At the academy, Hikosaka, who is tired of being bullied, is revealed to have vampire teeth marks in his neck, as he makes his way toward Yuki. Akira comes in the nick of time and knock out one of Hikosaka's fangs with his elbow. However, Hikosaka runs away before Akira had the chance of learning who had turned him into a vampire. Akira confronts her about the kidnapping of the prime minister's grandson and the infiltration of the vampires into the school, for which she both organized. In response, she says that the vampire society rests on her shoulders and that she will do whatever necessary to make sure that the plan of the Vampire Bund is fulfilled. A television broadcast informs that Mizoguchi has announced his early retirement as prime minister, in which the bill may be passed after all. Akira later gathers the student council inside the chapel, constructing a scheme to eradicate the vampires from within the school. Before Akira leaves to bring back weapons for the student council, Yuki asks about the ring she gave to him. Though he said that he had lost it, he still values his relationship with her. As The student council is confined inside the chapel for the night, they hear Nanami's voice behind the front door. Yuki, who tries to tell the other members not to open the door, is now distressed to see Nanami turned into a vampire.

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