From Beyond the Twilight

From Beyond the Twilight is an anime episode of Hell Girl that was released on 10/04/2005

Episode 1: From Beyond the Twilight

From Beyond the Twilight (夕闇の彼方より) Yūyami no Kanata Yori

Class representative Mayumi Hashimoto is put in charge of funds collected from her class to honor their teacher. When the money goes missing, classmate Yoshimi Kuroda blackmails Mayumi in order to make the most of a bad situation. Driven to wits end by the harassment, Mayumi hears a rumor about a mysterious website that will extract revenge for you: the Hell Correspondence.

Plot Summary

Opening Theme: Sakasama no Chō by SNoW

Mayumi Hasimoto sits at her computer as she waits for midnight to approach, looking distraught as she keeps an eye on the time and her cell phone. Thinking back to a few days before, Mayumi remembers how her class raised 100,000 yen for a memorial for their teacher and how, as class representative, she was put in charge of holding on to the money until the time came to pay for it. However, at the end of the day, the money is missing as she frantically searches for the lost funds. Her classmate, Yoshimi Kuroda sees what's going on and proposes an offer to forward the money to Mayumi so long as she pays it back. Even though the memorial was purchased, Mayumi has trouble getting the money together as Yoshimi and her friends claim she owes interest and unless she wants the whole school to know what happened, she'll keep paying them. Sent to fetch them drinks, Mayumi overhears about the Hell Correspondence, a website that is only accessible at midnight that can help take vengeance on those who have wronged you. Mayumi isn't sure but after her mother mentions that money has gone missing around the house, she decides to look at it.

Getting to the website, Mayumi hesitates to type in Yoshimi's name as she opts out at the last minute. Soon after, Yoshimi calls her, waiting outside for her to come with her. The next day at school, some of her classmates notice bruises on her face as rumors are going around about her. Her teachers call her into the office to explain that the gossip is that she has been seen in the seedy parts of the city, but they know she is a good enough kid not to do something like that. After that though, Yoshimi and her friends beat her up again as Mayumi returns home, distraught and upset as her mother pleads with her as to what's wrong. Mayumi instead goes to the Hell Correspondence and enters Yoshimi's name, receiving a text message from the Hell Girl that her request has been accepted.

Later that night, Yoshimi and her friends force Mayumi to go out again as she must hit on men to make them pay for their dinner. Trying to do this, she gets nervous after meeting a man and runs off. Yoshimi shows that she took a picture of the man hitting on her and threatens to show the whole school if she doesn't give her more money. Mayumi, now embarrassed and ashamed, attempts to commit suicide but is stopped by a red eyed girl. The girl reveals herself to be Ai Enma, the Hell Girl, as she takes Mayumi to a red field. There, she gives Mayumi a straw doll with a red string tied around its neck. Ai instructs her that is she wishes vengeance on Yoshimi, to untie the red string. However, the price of sending her enemy to hell is her own soul and its everlasting damnation in hell as well. Mayumi struggles as Ai leaves it up to her as to what she'll do, returning her safely to the world. At school the next day, Mayumi deliberates sending Yoshimi to hell as the girl approaches her. Running off to the bathroom, Yoshimi makes good on her word and sends the picture of Mayumi and the man to the whole school. Her teacher calls her in, scolding her for her actions as Mayumi decides to Ai's pact, a voice telling her her grievance shall be fulfilled.

Yoshimi receives a text message from Mayumi to meet her at the school that night. Following Mayumi into the abandoned building, she chases her until she comes across her class in session; discovering that their faces have melted off. Running off, she tries to escape the building and discovers it is morning. Assuming she dreamt the whole thing, she picks up a volleyball only for it to turn into a skull. Other girls surround around her, trying to hurt her as she runs off once more. Finding her teacher in the building at night, he tells her to follow him as he shows her friends being sucked into a wall. Yoshimi flees in terror once more as she heads back to her classroom, flashing back to the day the money went missing as it is shown that she was the one who stole the money from Mayumi. The Hell Correspondence team of Ren Ichimoku, Hone Onna, and Wanyuudou confront her about her actions, asking her to confess. Yoshimi sees no fault as to what she did and claims it was innocent fun. Ai delivers her final words to Yoshimi as she passes out to wake up on a ferry. Ai explains that she is being boated to hell as hands reach out to bind her to the boat. A few days later, things have returned to normal as Mayumi laments that she is destined to hell, the mark of the Hell Girl on her chest as a reminder of her pact.

Ending Theme: Karinui by Mamiko Noto

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Takahiro Omori Director
Hiroshi Watanabe Writer
Yasuharu Takanashi Music The composer of most anime installments. He also composed four Pretty Cure series: Fresh, Heartcatch, Suite, and Smile.


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