From Afar, An Enemy Comes

From Afar, An Enemy Comes is an anime episode of Campione! that was released on 07/20/2012
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Athena has come to Japan looking for Medusa and for that Godou will have to die, again.
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Plot Summary

Yuri is mad at Godou
Yuri is mad at Godou

While Yuri combs her hair, she breaks her beloved comb. When she walks out, Amakasu informs her about a disaster that is about to be unleash and it involves Godou. Yuri tells him that Godou will not do that. On the way to school, Godou walks with Erica clinging to him. Elsewhere, Athena seeks the Gorgoneion, the ancient snake. In school, every girl and guy admire Erica for her beauty, and when Erica sits by Godou, the girls get angry at Godou because they don't why a punk like Godou is Erica's lover. Godou sighs, and Erica reassures Godou that she will always be by his side. Godou passes by Mariya who wants to ask him something. On the roof, Mariya asks him about his grimoire and the Gorgoneion, and Godou reassures her that he has not brought the Prometheus's Grimoire. When Mariya describes it, Godou gives her the Gorgoneion much to Mariya's surprise. She grits her teeth and yells at Godou for not being considerate of his actions that affects everyone. Over at the shrine, Yuri explains to Godou about the prophecy created by Princess Alice. She tells him that the Gorgoneion can transform into a vengeful god and that they need to seal it. From behind, Erica appears and thanks Yuri while telling Yuri that she would be the only to treat Godou as her plaything. She asks Yuri to use her sixth sense to detect a presence from the Gorgoneion.

Athena gives Godou a French Kiss
Athena gives Godou a French Kiss

In Yuri's vision, she spots Athena who is stripped of her age and powers, and Yuri wakes up when Athena senses her. Erica and Godou hurry to confront Athena. Jumping from roof to roof, the two get greeted by Athena's owl. Athena informs Godou that he is her enemy if he withheld the Gorgoneion. She attacks Godou after learning Godou's name, and Erica blocks the attack with Cuore di Leone. Athena traps Erica in her divination, and as she teleports, she grabs Godou and gives him a deep, wet, French kiss. Athena learns where he has hidden, and Godou collapses. Athena prepares to kill Godou, and Erica breaks free and summons her Lance. Erica vows to protect Godou, and elsewhere, Lilianna senses Athena's presence. Erica manages to cut Athena, and she throws her lance at Athena. When Athena breaks the lance, Erica traps her and runs away.

Godou: Don't use your tongue
Godou: Don't use your tongue

Elsewhere, Liliana confronts Yuri and demands the Gorgoneion. Amakasu arrives and takes away Yuri, and before they leave, he seals Liliana. Then, Godou wakes up and finds himself on laying on Erica's lap. He notices Erica's hand is marred. Impressed by his words, Erica gets close to Godou and asks him if he wants to go to her bed. Godou struggles to get up since he is worried about Yuri, and he asks Erica what to do. When Godou mentions he has to learn about his enemies to use the Golden Sword, he asks Erica to grant him the knowledge. Erica teases Godou for acting cold to her and kissing Athena, and she gives Godou her French kiss, and Godou asks her why she has to use tongue. Erica replies that it's faster. She explains that Zeus's wife is Medusa whose head becomes Athena's shield. Athena is once the goddess of snakes.

Points of Interest

  • Gorgoneion is the name of the stone medallion that Erica gave to Godou last episode.
  • Perseus killed Medusa.
  • Italian Word of the Week: Ci vediamo.
  • Athena's mother is Metis, and her father is Zeus.
  • Metis and Medusa had the same name.
  • Ram - one of the Ten Avatars is mentioned.

Moves & Abilities Used

  • Words of Power - Athena gives a kiss to her enemies to steal information.
  • Curse of Longinus - Erica's lance can curse her enemies.


  • Japanese Name: "Futtari Deattari" (振ったり 出会ったり)
  • Opening Theme: "Dreamer" by AiRI
  • Ending Theme: "Kokoro no Senritsu (#02 ED ver.) (心の旋律)" by Asami Seto & Saori Hayami

Characters & Voice Actors

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Keizo Kusakawa Director An anime director employed at the studio Seven Arcs.
Jo Takezuki Original Concept Jo Takezuki is the original creator of Campione!


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